Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Pissed

Big Kid: Guess what we had for snack today?
Ashley: What?
Big Kid: Somefing REALLY special.
Ashley: What? Who brought it?
Big Kid: ICE CREAM!!
Ashley: Ice cream? You had ice cream for snack at school? Who brought it?
Big Kid: Mrs. klASS mom.
Ashley: Oh. How nice of Mrs. klASS mom.
Big Kid: Yeah, it was awesome. Can you get me a drink please, Mrs. klASS mom?
Ashley: My name isn't Mrs. klASS mom, you know that.
Big Kid: I know, I was just pretendin' dat she was my mom. 'Cuz Kelly's mom is really cool. She has a little sisteh dat she brings wif her when she volunteers in da classroom--a little sisteh dat talks like perfect. Not like little kid. She talks...good.
Ashley: Good for them. They sound wonderful.
Big Kid: Dey are.

edited to add: I was just picking out class snack today as a matter of fact and passed up really cute bakery cookies because I thought I'd be all politically correct and not give them junk. I got popcorn balls instead. Fuck popcorn balls, I'm going back and at least getting the cookies. Maybe cupcakes. Screw the mess, I'll be cool like klASS mom. Bitch.


Jenn said...

LMFAO! Love it, that's just too funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Don't you hate that? I decided screw the pc crap and made those cupcakes in an ice cream cone. BIG POINTS with the kids...especially if you get the colored cones and use sprinkles on top.

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Don't forget the stickers!!! Kids LOVE stickers and it's the easiest thing in the world!!!!

Lou Lou said...

You should get the book Hello, Cupcake. Super easy cupcakes that look like they took forever to make. I just sent a batch in with DS the other day.

Lauren said...

Who knew Big Kid going to school would give such great blogging material.

Marie said...

I think we know where Big Kid gets that indignation I was speaking of earlier.

klASS mom be damned!

Maddness of Me said...

These bitches are going down!

Joy said...

Girl you sound just like me, it is my goal to be the favorite mom from the class, with the kids and the teacher. I am a real suck up but I can pull it off without looking like a suck up.

I just send the cool snacks, volunteer alot, plan the christmas party, work there as much as possible, oh and then there is the gifts. I rocked the christmas gift baskets last year and have already started picking things out for this year:)

Nomers said...

Kelly's mom better enjoy her time in the spotlight...because here comes Ashley...The ultimate Klass Mom!

Staci said...

you go girl! Be the rockin "klass" mom! Loves it!