Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Dallas Airport,

I'm on to your little scam.

You keep it below zero fucking degrees in this hell hole so that we'll be forced to flee to one of the many (many many many) Starbucks around every corner to buy a $5 drink that will hopefully warm us up.

I bought one, too. Now knock it off, I'm tired of huddling around the big lit advertisement signs for warmth.


Mitch said...

I've spent way too much time in the Dallas airport and I feel your pain. It sucks. And inevitably I'll land at one end of the airport and have to transfer to another plane on the exact opposite end. And make that hike in 10 minutes. I didn't make it once and they had to hold the plane for me. For 30 minutes.

Why in hell do they do that?

Mommy In Pink said...

LOL! This post made me laugh my ass off! I sooo know what you mean!

Maddness of Me said...

Come on up to Michigan this winter and I will show you how much fun it can be in the cold. We are even the same time zone.

Ok, who am I kidding.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

I believe they do that in ALL airports.

Airports just suck in general ... all around huge sucking.


Ugh, I flew through there twice last month. It's the only airport in Texas that doesn't sell Dr Pepper. How jacked up is that? It's in Texas, the homestate of Dr Pepper and they don't sell it. They have a Pepsi contract. The only place at DFW where you can get a DP is McDonalds...bleah. They do have a fantastic USO, though...but that doesn't make up for no DP!