Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where's the cake?

Today is Mr. Ashley's birthday...and I'm out of town.

I told Big Kid that I would be away for daddy's birthday so he was in charge and he said, "Okay, dest leave me da instwuctions."

"What instructions?"

(annoyed) "Da instwuctions for da cake. I'm gonna need a list of what stuff I need and what to know, instwuctions."

He was disappointed to hear he wasn't going to have to whip up a birthday cake from scratch or anything.

I'm hungry and cold and tired and too hungry, cold and tired to go get a snack. There's also an indoor pool and hot tub and I'm too cold to go down there. It's 60 some degrees here--I thought TX would be the same as FL.


Also, Abilene is Middle of Fucking Nowhere, America. Lordy. I think we had to wait to land the plane until cows got off the runway. The parking lot at the airport was unpaved--that was cute in my super high Candies.

I'm off to scout out a vending machine. I think my work trousers and a 15 year old, almost worn through FSU shirt with no bra and a blazer is perfectly appropriate attire for such an outing.

Wish me luck.


Preppy Pettit said...

Oh no! I have neer been there.

~Gretchen~ said...

i spent the first 18.5 years of my life there. there are no words sufficient to describe the glorious wonder that is my hometown

Mitch said...

That's not cold, you wimp. (Wo)MAN UP! (Slam me at the Pirate Party, I can take it). However, I love the visual of the trouser/FSU shirt/saggy boobs/blazer look.

I also love BK's need for "instwuctions". Too cute. Happy birthday Mr. Ashley!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Ashley.

And when I used to travel, that was my search and seizure outfit as well.

queenstella said...

What are the odds you get locked out of your room in that outfit??

Rachel said...

Yeah that's bad if the airport lot isn't paved, wow. Good luck on the food search! And seriously Bk is adorable.

Renee said...

I haven't stopped singing "All My Ex's Live in Texas" today! "Sweet Eileen in Abilene, she forgot I hung the moon...."

Goodnight, Sweet Ashley in Abilene!

-The Renee

Sarah Ring said...

I have lived in Texas forever... and I truly feel sorry for you. Abilene sucks, but hey... hopefully there is a mini bar?? :)

Melodie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Ashley! Too bad there's no cake. I'm sure BK would have done a fabulous job on it, since he's such a perfectionist.

Kate said...

I lived in Abilene for 4 years as a can be pretty desolate out there!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Ashley!

Maddness of Me said...

Mr. Ashley is alone on his birthday? :(

BK is going to come in handy some day, I can tell.

Anonymous said...

So is the next stop in Georgia? ;)

And you're a Floridian wimp for whining about the 60 degree weather. Hee hee! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot- HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Ashley. Please let Big Kid make you a cake, even if it's outta an Easy Bake Oven. :)