Saturday, November 8, 2008

For Your Reviewing Pleasure

I've gotten some really cool stuff in the mail lately to review for you all. I feel lucky that so far, it all really has been stuff worth telling you about.

The other day I got a box on my doorstep that said "REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY" and had dry ice inside. Inside was "Batter Blaster"--a fan-freakin-tastic idea. It's pancake batter in a whipcream-like can. So, you get easy pancakes with almost zero clean up. The pancakes end up really good too, my boys were thrilled to have "home made" pancakes so many days in a row!

Usually, (okay always) when I make waffles, the batter ends up dripping down the side of the waffle iron. Which means we don't have waffles a lot because I don't like hand cleaning the iron but Batter Blaster was the right consistency and much easier to aim, and even I was able to make waffles without making a mess.

I really and truly love this stuff. The fact that it's organic gives it additional bragging rights, I can pretend like I'm a really good mom while I'm making no-mess pancakes that require very little effort.

I also got a "Mr. Beams" stair light. In my typical procrastinator style, I waited forever to put the batteries in it and nagged Mr. Ashley to install it for me. Finally, once I really looked at it, I realized it was something I could easily do myself. It's a motion activated light that will run on it's batteries for over a year. I was going to put it in the boys' hallway, but we usually leave their bathroom light on anyway, so I decided to put it right outside of my bedroom door. This was a way better decision because now I don't kick toys or slip on Hot Wheels if I have to head to the kitchen in the dark. I have seriously come to love this thing, as much as one can love a nightlight-like device. It's cool that it comes on by itself and it was so easy to install.

I've got some other stuff to review, a book and a children's CD among other things, but you all know this stuff takes me a while. For no good reason, really. It looks like excellent stuff, so stay tuned.

This post made me remember, Neatnik Saucer Winner, if you're out there, I never got your address. Would you email it to me if you're reading this? I'll track you down if I don't hear from you, but maybe you are out there.


Maddness of Me said...

I love the idea of pancake mix in a spray can like that, and I will be all over that one. I got excited as soon as it sank it what you were talking about. I hope they make a version that doesn't go straight to your ass.

The light will be good for me too, for the stairs I have going from the living room level to the bedroom level. They are dark and I have biffed it a few times. I almost stepped on my cat a few times too (dark carpeting).

Thanks Ashley!

Karlise said...

I bought the BB at Costco. That stuff is yummy!!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

LOVING the Batter Blaster! What a great idea-and I just saw that my Publix carries it. Woo hoo!

Unknown said...

Wow. Im so going to buy that. I hate making waffles because it is such a mess. Thanks for the review!