Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

I am getting sick and my bedroom tv has died.

Both of these events are tragic. I don't even watch tv, I love having it quiet while I'm working and while the boys are here they have their crap on, then Mr. Ashley comes home and wants to watch his crap and then when everyone is in bed and I'm trying to fall asleep, I watch some tv. In bed. In my bedroom. But now I don't have a bedroom tv and I'm getting sick. Tragedy of tragedies.

little kid is sounding suspiciously pneumonia-ish as well, so we'll be back at Urgent Care tomorrow to figure out what his deal is. Let's hope it's not an expensive deal. I need some sort of tv in my room, it's non-negotiable.

Both kids ended up in our bed last night because they weren't feeling great. This NEVER happens.

Around 1am, I heard "Mumum? Mumum?"

I walked into little kid's room and he said, "Ca see."

"You can't sleep?"

"Yeah. Nee cank."

"You need a drink?"


"Apple juice?"


So I took him to bed with me instead of fighting with him about going back to his. "It's night night time, so go to sleep," I told him.

"K........where yaya?"

"Daddy's sleeping. Shhhh."


(several minutes of silence)


Since he's whispering, I ignore him and keep faking sleep.

"Mumum?" This time I feel his breath on my face and I crack my eyes open to see him leaning over my face. "Mumum?"

"I'm sleeping. Go to sleep."


He rolled back and forth, squeezing one of us and then the other for the rest of the night. It was sweet, but not very restful.

I didn't even know Big Kid was in bed with us until Mr. Ashley rolled over and Big Kid popped up.

I did go and d0 my Library Mom duties yesterday even though Big Kid was home sick. Here are some things I've observed about kindergartners:

1. Their shoe laces are always untied. Parents--DOUBLE KNOT THEIR LACES. I take four groups of kids to the library and back, and with every single group I have to stop to tie at least half of their shoes. This is at 9:40 in the morning, if you were double knotting I wouldn't have to do this.

2. Being the line leader is their number one priority in life. Them not being line leader is as devastating to them as being unable to pay the bills is to one of us. They are hard core about this line leader shit. Also, the same kids race to the door and are first in line every time. I finally had to intervene and start assigning line leaders, but I always forget which two went last week and squabbling ensues. I invented two new jobs, the Library Card Holder and the Caboose, but the Cabooses are all onto my scam, they know they're at the end of the line and they all hate it.

Sometimes I assign sandwich pieces, and call them bread or peanut butter or jelly and being bread was slightly more appealing than being a caboose, but we'll see how long that lasts.

3. They are serious about their books. You would think these kids were choosing a book to have branded on their bodies for life, with the very long and involved selection process they go through to choose one. Some of them make me crazy. JUST PICK ONE. You can pick another one next week. I secretly suspect that several of them know that this is irritating and are doing it on purpose, but I can't prove that.

4. They have as much drama as highschoolers. So and so likes so and so, so and so won't play with me, so and so's shoes are weird, and on and on and on. They are living in their own little world and it's all very serious to them. Also, they want me to know all about it. A lot of it is seriously boring too, some of it is funny, but most of it is just not that interesting.

So there you have it. That's how I spend an hour every week. Yay me.


Anonymous said...

Call the caboose "the back leader"- more prestigious title. It's worth a shot.

Susan (who is so relieved everytime she has to be at the school that she doesn't work there)

Rachel said...

Hehe! Every time the I go to Boy1's school it cracks me up because the kids are just funny...although in 1st grade the girls start to get a little meaner. Someone wants to hang on me, hold my hand, or breath in my face...and it's not always my kid in fact it's less my kid than it is.
But they really are entertaining esp since I get to leave after an hour or so. Plus boy1 loves me being there so that's a good thing.
blah blah kids are darn silly about stuff but it IS oh so serious to them huh?

Unknown said...

You just described my life. I teach Kindergarten and it is... crazy.

We however, don't let them wear tie shoes to school. They've gotta be velcro sneakers until they can tie themselves!

Anonymous said...

When my son was in preschool/kindergarten, the end-of-the-line job (and I forget what they called it) was very important - they made sure everyone stayed in line (and left the room okay) and they got to turn the lights out and make sure the door was closed. So maybe you can find some important duties to make that role more appealing?

Melodie said...

When my girls were in elementary school, the teacher usually had an assigned line leader for the day. All of the kids got a turn to be line leader, and it was their job for the entire day. They also had jobs like "door holder" and "teacher's helper," too.

Joy said...

Oh yea and the door holder is a big job:)

my son's teacher every monday assigned jobs and they had it all week. the line leader was the much coveted spot.

My son informed me yesterday that he would never wear the shoes I put him in again because even though I double knotted them they came untied and since he tie his shoes yet that just can't be happening!

Maddness of Me said...

I got to hear 10 year old drama during the election. "Samantha said I'm self centered because I said she is stupid to vote for McCain" (they had in school elections)... "Robin won't play with me anymore because I am democrat scum"....

Just wait until you get to that age. That is when your ears start to perk up, and you have to remind yourself they are only 10... and you can't kick all the parent's asses :)

Anonymous said...

Can't the teacher put a chart up for line leader, etc., duties? That was half the fun in my son's class; someone's job was to move everyone's name over one space on the chart. Talk about control...

And, the good thing about kid-drama is that, in H.S. the drama can lead to B-A-D things, whereas in Kindergarten the worst thing that can happen is tears and pissed off moms (which is, I know, heavy stuff but not usually dangerous or deadly).

Haute Mama said...

I remember my teachers doing fun things with the line. Sometimes we had to line up in alphabetical order by first name, which I loved because my name starts with A; sometimes by last name.

I personally enjoyed when the class would line up, and then the teacher would walk to the back of the line and have the "caboose" lead us out. It really pissed off those kids who were ALWAYS running to be at the front of the line. hehehe

Missives From Suburbia said...

I've never once thought that anything you did might qualify you for sainthood (one of the many reasons I've always liked you), but this might be the exception. Don't make this kind of stuff a habit.

Julie H said...

I bought velcro shoes for the teacher :O)

Trevor brings his book home then we forget to read it. All that work for nothing!