Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Mouse

Well I came home (from the fucking AFTERNOON FROM HELL--unmedicated Ashley would have cried, for sure) and the mouse had moved to the other side of the cage.

When he squeaks, I give him pedialyte from the syringe and he drinks it and stops squeaking.

I'm thinking that I'm confused between what a critically injured mouse looks like and what a baby mouse looks like.

Are his eyes half open because they aren't fully open yet? Does he squeak frantically every hour or two because he's hungry? Does he not eat peanut butter because he drinks milk?

I don't know. He has hair, but he's smaller than my thumb--tiny, tiny. I'm having a hard time even getting a decent photo. He's perfectly content (or too busy dying to care?) to sit in my hand and he can walk.

So, there will be no murder happening in the Ashley household tonight.

I stole the heat lamp from the chicks (it's 85 degrees out--they will deal), I have the spoon of peanut butter in there, and a shallow thing of pedialyte and water but I plan on syringe feeding him often. I wish I had some baby formula. Would cow's milk be an okay substitute?

What a mess. Trust me when I tell you my plate is plenty full without attempting to nurse newborn mice back to health.


Ashley said...

Not trying to sound cruel, but you know if it was a baby snake you would have chopped its head off no problemo.

Anyways, kudos to you for trying to save his life. Maybe he'll pay you back by not raiding your pantry some day.

MK said...

This website should be able to help you.

Mama Bee said...

Totally un-mouse related: It's 85 degrees out?! Um, you suck. Didn't Florida get the memo that it's NOVEMBER?! Washington sure did...waaaaaah.

Peggy's Place said...

I think you have the biggest heart of gold - ever. You keep earning stars for your halo, it will be so heavy you won't be able to hold your head up.

OK - that sounds like a suck up. It's not.

Maddness of Me said...

Dear Ashley in the comment above, may you come back as a baby snake some day.

What is wrong with people.

Ashley said...


I'm guessing you don't live in an area populated by snakes. I do. They suck. I once saved a baby mouse too, he got out when I was feeding him and ran back to his mouse family.

BTW-nothing is wrong with me, I'm an overstressed SAHM to 3 who has too much time on her hands and a twisted sense of humor. Bite me.

Theresa said...

The size of your thumb!? There's no way I could have killed that.

Maddness of Me said...

Ashley commenter - I'm just an over the top animal rights freak. Sorry. I should probably just stop blogging.

meredith said...

so i was serioulsy sitting here freakin out because you are keeping this nasty thing and then i read he is as big as your thumb. awwwwwww. but then i remember its a mouse again and go back to gaging!!

Lara said...

omg! i am still laughing at your posts. thanks for making my monday so much better.