Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nutcracker Night

The Christmas tree is up, with minimal fighting and only 4 ornaments broken by little kid. Now we're just waiting to see which cat will puke on it or knock it over first. It's a tradition.

I'm getting ready to take Big Kid to the Nutcracker tonight. I have a pretty black dress from Tar-zhey and my sexy black shoes (that I never did take a picture of for you) and I'm going to talk Big Kid into wearing a sweater vest. That's my one dorky little boy weakness--sweater vests. Mr. Ashley hates them but 'tis the season and Big Kid is my date, so I get to dress him.

Hope you're all having a festive Saturday night!


sunny-daze said...

I should do something like that with my boys. Maybe once a month, rotate kids, you know what I mean. How fun. I know you'll have a great time. And I am sure your date will be a true gentleman. And if not, it will make for a good story!

Melodie said...

I love sweater vests for little boys, too. Since I only have girls, I occasionally have to force my nephew into one for my own personal viewing pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I love sweater vests too! my 4yo will not wear one and it makes me so sad. my oldest would humor me though.

Jess said...

I just completed my Christmas outfit shopping for my boys. Yep, complete with vests (some sweater, some not). DH rolled his eyes at me several times as I searched each section of the store to find the perfect matchy (but not identical) outfits that would also look good on each of my boys. I'm quite happy with my selection.

Hey, until he gives me a girl, he can deal with the fact that I play dress-up with his boys. And, he should be grateful that I only seriously considered buying a girl's Christmas dress anyway. (I would have given it to my niece!)