Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totally Her

I often get "press release" sort of emails about new websites and sometimes I click the link, but to be honest, a lot of them suck so lately I barely bother.

I got one the other day though and I think the site is worth recommending. It's called Totally Her and they have different sections and all kinds of articles. I've found several cute ideas for work and for my own kids in their parenting section, if I ever find time or desire to do craft stuff with them.

(Come on now, would you want to do crafts with little kid? That's what I thought.)

I started following them on Twitter too, because I'm a Twittering (Tweeting??) fool and it looks like they do contests and stuff as well, and I know some of you love contests.

So there we have it, a new website that ended up in my inbox that looks good and made it into the Closet. Proof that sometimes it does happen!

(I know how hard it is to launch a new site, I'm not a total grinch.)


Melodie said...

I checked out Totally Her several weeks ago. I thought it was really cool, and I told all of my email friends about it. I'm pretty sure I entered a contest there, too. I don't know why, nut I haven't been back there since, though. Guess I've just been too busy.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this and it looks cool! Will check it out, thanks!