Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Sick & Not Funny

But I thought this was.

By the way, Obamas, I have your puppy. His name is Murphy and I've been keeping him for you. Don't worry, I haven't trained him or anything, that's your job.

A few tips:

--Michelle, you're going to want to make sure you don't leave your favorite shoes on the floor, unless you only want one of each pair. Purses too. Pretty much anything leather, it needs to be put up.

--Girls, he eats doll hair and anything fuzzy. I don't know why.

--The White House is fenced, right? Good. Otherwise, I can include his ground stake.

--You may want to consider tile. Like, seriously consider tile.

Don't worry, he'll be waiting for you on January 20th, I'll even throw in a bowtie or something to spiff him up a little. I think it will work out great. You need a puppy, I've got a puppy.

A congratulations and thank you gift, we'll call it. I'll even pay for shipping.


Ashley said...

Awww, you know you'd never give that precious puppy away. Then what would you have to bitch about? Well, besides everything else. Send him my way, my kids need something to torture.

Anonymous said...

You know how Murphy loves to eat doll hair? My dog Toby love to eat rubber and paint. I mean in the course of one week, Toby yaked up a rubber de-colored ball and pooped green. Some dog.....

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Love the it disrespectful to say that our new president is a "Hottie"?

Anonymous said...

Oh no my friend! I called him first about my little friend over here, Gracie. SHE is on her way to the white house. But not to cause destruction to just leather and fuzz, oh no, she also includes Paper (need a scandal covered up? Let her in a room full of paper, it'll be shredded in no time)plastic, wood, and anything else she can get her teeth around.

Sorry, Murphy is going to have to wait. Unless they will take them both and then we'll both be in good shape!

Katie Says So said...

Dang...he is such a stud muffin....Errr.. Mr.Studmuffin I suppose!!! ha.....

I heart Obama!!!

Caren said...

Oh Ashley, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well but you definitely are still funny.

Our puppy recently ate a pair of socks...we wondered where they went for days until we found them puked up in his kennel...good times, good times.