Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better Pack a Lunch

So did I tell you all that the Jews have welcomed us into their highly esteemed pre-k institution? Well, they did. The Ashleys are honorary Jews now.

And now I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm just going to drop the Big Kid off at the Temple THREE days a week for FIVE hours a day?? He can barely pull his pants up. He can't wipe his butt. Other people have a hard time understanding him. HE IS STILL MY BABY!!!!!

This can't be happening. We're making a terrible mistake, sending him out into the world. I know, at least he's not with the Baptists or God forbid, the Catholics, but still. Can I trust the Jews? They seem nice and all, but still. I just don't know. I don't know about this at all.

Heaven help us.


Anonymous said...

You're right.. things could be worse.. he could be going to a Catholic school like my big kid.. it's hard to believe we pay those people...

Good luck pawning him off on the jews... I'm sure he'll do great. I'll betcha one day you'll even look forward to those 5 hours... really.


Renee said...

He's going to do great! I know it's scary though. I think Traci is right, though - you will start to appreciate those 5 hours a day, 3x a week. :) Big Kid-y is a social, funny fellow and I am certain he will thrive at his new school.

Lisa said...

Can I just need to write for Hollywood! I love your blog...It's as good as Talk Soup and you certainly say what most people are thinking. Keep on keepin it real... Lisa P.S It never gets easy "letting them go" I have a 26 year and the youngest is 5 years old (no Im not mormon) and you would think I would be better at it but the little one starts Kindergarten in Sept and I want her to stay home and away from the real world a little longer WAH!! Oh well that's life! Keep up the great blog! I will reading out here in Calif LMAO!

Deb said...

"Or, God forbid, the Catholics". LOL

Buford Betty said...

Omg I'm dying laughing...hahahhahha!