Thursday, July 5, 2007

So Far

It is 11:30am. So far today I have:

-Woke up (at 9:30am, but still, getting up always sucks)

-Checked my email (and responded appropriately...and sometimes inappropriately)

-Gave both kids breakfast (Big Kid only wanted a nutrigrain bar, little kid was on breakfast #2 and also wanted a nutrigrain bar, so this was pretty easy. I'll admit that)

-Rinsed off high chair try (I'm so sick of that fucking thing)

-Unloaded and loaded one load of dishes (forced Big Kid to put away silverware, my silverware drawer is a mess but whatever)

-Collected misc. things that needed to be thrown away (place was a mess after being out boating all day yesterday. Sure I had enough time to blog, email and get involved with internet drama, but not enough time to clean up. No way)

-Went in search of the garbage can (I don't know what the freaking deal is with this, but Mr. Ashley always has it somewhere. I usually don't know where or why but I'm always asking him where the hell my garbage can is)

-Caught the little kid flinging a bag of potato chips all over the foyer and then crushing them with his walker. (I was, and am, pissed but I will admit that he looked like he was having one hell of a good time)

-Went to get the dustbuster (realized it was full)

-Went to get the vacuum cleaner (to clean up the contents of the dustbuster that had dumped onto the kitchen floor)

-Kicked the two dogs and the Big Kid away from eating the fallen chips (vultures)

-Vacuumed while yelling at little kid for doing it and at the Big Kid for screaming over and over again that the little kid "messeded up da whole entire house and cannot, will not, never ever never eat da chips ever again" (neither one seemed affected by my yelling, or apologetic)

-Checked my email (see above)

-Checked message boards (once again, responded when appropriate and when not. Especially when not)

-Put little kid down for a nap (Thank you Sweet Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!)

-Looked at two baskets of laundry waiting to be folded (they look quite comfy there on the couch, they're not going anywhere right now)

-Sat down to blog (which brings us to now)

And I'm already tired for today. I don't think I'm going to get an opportunity to nap, either. The Big Kid is sitting right up on me (and he smells funny) and I can hear the little babbling in his crib. Keep babbling kiddo, it is NAP TIME. You don't have to sleep, but you can't bother me.

It's also really rainy today. That contributes to my tiredness, my attraction to the internet and my unwillingness to clean. (Although really, I'm like this every day. Today the rain just gives me an excuse.)

Okay, the little kid is crying now and the Big Kid is telling me his tummy hurts. Who wants to bet I'll be sitting in the bathroom for 45 minutes begging him to just go ahead and poop already? Oh the glamorous life of a stay at home mom. Someone please rescue me, preferably someone with a yacht.


Yellow Fence said...

This morning I yelled at my husband for not taking the rest of the week off. I totally need to be rescued today as well. Who the hell makes a Wednesday a holiday.


Ms. Skywalker said...

I get it.

Except the kicking the dogs part.

Because I totally call the dogs over to clean my floors. Far more effective, use less electricity, feeds them and leaves not one iota of anything.

And the highchair? Do you own a hose?

traci b said...

Sounds like my everyday life too...why the frig can't I just clean the house in one fall swoop and be done, but NOOOOOO, I start a room/project/feat and end of getting side-tracked (procrastinating)...and on-ward the spiral goes downward!
Ashley, side note about the pooping son used to have the same drama with the poop (reading to him on the toilet, encouraging him to let it go/push it out/whatever...turns out trouble pooping is just as common as ear infections in kids. We got a powdered stool softener from the pedi, added it to a glass of juice a day...and voila...easy poops!!! Friggin amazing!!

Deb said...

My husband left fruit in our beach bag. Which was in our suitcase. That I hadn't unpacked from our trip to Hawaii. LAST WEEK. I need another vacation. No men or children allowed.

Monogram Momma said...

Deb, I would love to join you on that child-free, husband-free vacay, if I may. Oh, but I should warn you that i DO like to travel w/ my dog.

The Queen I am said...

Well... where the heck is The Renee, AKA "your mini Chaw commune?"

I have, too, decided that kids are way more hassle than they are worth. Who's bright idea was this anyway???

le sigh
Shannon (the "real" Shannon)

Rebecca said...

Wow, that sounds like so many of my days....

Great blog, followed your link from a BBC board.

Unknown said...

Traci B, he's already on prescription powder stuff. He's got intestines of steel or something. I am at my wit's end with him and the poop drama.

Deb, oh poor Deb. Waaah, I went to Hawaii and there was fruit in my bag. I'm totally joining you and Monogram Momma on the kidfree, husbandfree vacay.

Shannon, just waiting for The Renee's hubby to leave town...and then she's mine, all mine.

Deb said...

Three words for you: maggots and flies.

I'm calling the travel agent. Dogs are totally allowed. They don't pee on the toilet seat, so I consider them civilized.