Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rejection Denied

Today we went to a pool party.

The Big Kid was delighted to see a gaggle of 13 year old girls in the pool and promptly became their little water-wing-wearing shadow. Oh how he shrieked and giggled and ran and swam and jumped to be near them. Oh how they ran, dove, hid, splashed, went inside and did everything possible not to include him. Little bitches.

Luckily, he had no clue. He'd be struggling on the surface of the water to catch up with their underwater escapades to allude him..."Hey, come back here you guys. Da Big Kid wants to play wif you guys. Mudder, help me." I finally made Mr. Ashley get in and distract him to save everyone the continued embarrassment.

I get it. I know through their eyes he's not cool, but he's so damn cute. He doesn't know he's not big and he admires them so. He is so sweet and it made me want to grab them by their skinny little arms and hiss "Quit being an asshole" into those snotty little faces.

I hate big kids.


Lynda Kay said...

As a mother of a (pissy, know-it-all) 13 yr old girl I concur that teenagers are way more annoying than toddlers on any given day in any situation..and all anyone can say to me when I try to commiserate on the trials of teendom is "Just wait-you haven't seen anything yet"

Cinnamon said...

Big Kid reminds me of my son. All the neighbors kids are "my girls" or "my boys" and he wants to play with them when they are around but they don't in return. Don't they remember that they were once his age and did the same thing, cut a kid a break!

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Heartbreaking- but you and the Mr. handled it so smoothly!

Henna said...

Haha, only you would get away with calling 13 year old girls "little bitches".

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it break your heart!?
My 'big kid' is already doing this to my 'little kid'.
He'll try to go in her room when her and her friends are there and she'll scream 'Trevor NO! Go away!' then she tries to shut the door on him. Nice, right?

I guess pre-teen/teens are little bitches!