Friday, July 13, 2007

Too Sexy For My Hair

My hair appointment today was fantabulous, as expected. I read a whole stack of celebrity rag mags, set a centerfold of Matthew McConaughey up in our station for me and my stylist to drool over, had a nice (big) glass of wine, had wonderful literary discussion and was sent home with pretty hair, a list of recommended reading for our next meet up, and an offer to be a model in a class she's teaching.

That's an awesome deal because she would do my hair in the class for free and then do my next round of highlights for free. She's teaching a class on "base-breaking" which means dying all of the crazy, horn/wing like baby hairs forming an ugly halo around my head whenever I put my hair into a ponytail. Who would have thought that the handfuls of hair lost (and mourned) after the little kid would actually benefit me in some way?

I was just pleased as punch to get free haircare and the opportunity for all eyes to be on me, me, me but then I found out that the class is on the evening of the Big Kid's birthday. Damn it. The ONE NIGHT A YEAR I have to feel guilty about going. It would be less than an hour...I could be home by (a late) dinner. He is having a kick ass party on another day. Damn it, don't I deserve some free pretty hair and some attention for giving birth almost 4 years ago and keeping him alive this long??I really do think *I* am the one who should be celebrated on the kids' birthdays, it truly wasn't possible without me and so far, it's been easy living on their parts.

Also, the free hair appointment would make up for a good chunk of the insane amount of money spent on birthday parties and presents around here. I'll tell him I'm running out to buy him some balloons (and will make sure to come home with balloons). I think it's win-win.


Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Be a model for a day, for sure! And maybe even post a picture?? Big kid can't read a calendar yet, can he? I have that same halo of new baby hair- so weird!

Unknown said...

You totally deserve it.. an hour or two?? He'll never know the difference.
Consider it his present to you!

I'd feel really guilty too but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! It's all in the name of good hair.

Deb said...

Let go of any guilt. You squeezed two kids out of your very own body. Heck, for all those midnight trips to the bathroom, you deserve this.

Burrus Boys said...

Do it honey!!! His party is on another day, you'll be coming back with balloons, it really IS a win-win. You have stretch marks and he doesn't. End of discussion.

Ms. Skywalker said...

Completely win-win.

Why are you even considering any other option?

Just don't forget the balloons.

Southern jezeBelle said...

do it!!! big kid will never know/care/remember. just come home with the balloons---oh and a special cupcake!

Sarahviz said...

"...crazy, horn/wing like baby hairs forming an ugly halo around my head whenever I put my hair into a ponytail."

I have the exact same thing! Lovely, isn't it?