Thursday, July 12, 2007

Insert Witty Title Here

So today I was all excited about my hair appointment when my mom called and said she'd still watch the kids but she was sick and that my dad was even sicker. Hmmmm. She wasn't sick yesterday. Don't tell her I told you but I suspect she just realized what she was getting herself into and didn't feel like several hours of chaos and loudness. Or maybe she was sick, but the timing was good.

Luckily, they're able to get me in tomorrow and I'll just have to go in and majorly kiss my hairdresser's ass for the last minute cancellation, but what could I do? Although, trust me, I did consider dropping the kids off at my mom's and "risking it". Honestly, three hours of leisurely adult conversation (usually about my dorky books!), a scalp massage, a glass of wine, and pretty hair is worth risking the kids' health for. They would only be sick for a few days, but my hair will look great for 6 weeks. Mr. Ashley is going to watch them tomorrow, so everyone's mental and physical health (including my parents) should probably be fine.

We did meet up with The Renee and her crew for sunset. We had chicken strips, potato salad, fruit, cookies and Pinot Grigio and it was a lovely evening. It would have been even better without kids, but what can you do. They were good, kids are just so much work. The little kid wanted to eat sand like it was sugar and someone was always needing something.

The Renee and I happen to have babies that were born on the same day. We were also due on the same day, and both went 2 days over. They are so adorable to see together, but eating in front of them is like roasting a pig on an island of hungry vultures. The screeching, pushing, pulling, grabbing, biting, slobbering is so alarming you almost forget how cute they are. But then you throw a bite of food at each of them and they're all smiles and giggles and sweet breathy coos and you almost forget that twenty seconds ago they would have teamed up to rip your jugular out for a cookie.

Okay dude, you get her around the neck and I'll grab the cookie.

(editor's note: I have noticed that lately it seems that I've been drinking a lot. Please know that I really don't drink that much and this is just a summer thing, or a going out so much thing, or possibly the beginning of becoming an alcoholic, whatever you'll stay tuned for. Also, please take into account that at least two cups out of that bottle had to be dumped after someone [evil babies] poured sand into them. See cork in empty bottle as evidence that I cannot even open a bottle of wine properly.)


Misty said...

I am glad I came across your blog.. It's really funny!!

traci b said...

Ashley, I love a great laugh this (too) early in the am!
I have 2 kids and my best friend has 2 as well...sometimes when we're hanging out together we start laughing hysterically thinking...Holy crap! How did this happen? We're friggin outnumbered and can be overtaken at anytime!

Sasha said...

Isn't getting your hair done the greatest? I always tell my hairdresser that if I win the lottery, I'll buy her a house on my street and pay her $250K a year to come blow dry my hair every morning, and then she can just do whatever she wants all day. Guess I should buy a ticket if I want to win.....

Deb said...

Ooh... you as an alcoholic would be good reading. So would the rehab material. I like where this is going.

Ms. Skywalker said...

I love me a hair appointment.

And a margarita.

I was just thinking the other day, do I need to buy food for myself, or margarita's?

Well, there is a lime in them, so I guess that's food.

Cheers for summer!

Unknown said...

In a blender add:

One half-frozen peach
One can Bacardi frozen margarita mix
One can tequila
fill with ice to the top & blend, blend, blend.

That is heaven!!

btw- Little one & the Renee's little one are to die for. I'm almost sorry that Molly came two days earlier than your little men. She knew what she wanted & she wanted OUT.

Just Kiddin' Photography said...

No shame in being a semi alcoholic mother of small children. In fact, I would say the majority of my gal pals are workin the bottle all summer long. Better living through chemistry is what we say around here!

tommie said...

the doctor's wife is cracking me up....but yes, we (and since hubby is gone for now, I mean me and the lint in my pocket) buy the 6 pack since you get a discount when you buy 6! Love me some pinot grigio!