Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dear Brooke Hogan,

Please. Just. Stop. You make me sad. You kind of scare me. You are not talented, everyone is just afraid to tell you because they don't want your dad to kick their ass. You are a wrestler's daughter, honey. That's okay, nothing you can do about that, but singing in the food court of malls around the country isn't going to change it. Also, tell the Hulkster to invest in a freaking stylist for you. At least try to get on "What Not to Wear" on TLC, I think you qualify. I'm sorry for you sweetie, you do seem like a nice girl, just completely clueless.



Sisters with Style said...

Totally agree. She gives me gay chills whenever I see pictures of her in malls.

Cinnamon said...

Are those braces or an attempt to make her mouth look stylish too?

Anonymous said...

WTF is in her mouth? Is that her grill!?
How did no one tell her how incredibly stupid she looks!
Was the photographer seriously snapping shots saying.. that's right, Brooke, you look HOT!

Give me a break...

traci b said...

Have you seen her try to dance???

Mel said...

Malls, wow. She is DEFINITELY big time, of course, her dad is appearing in local ads for Harris Teeter trying to "intimidate" a paper towel roll. Why can't they just all fade away to anonymity, and spare us the torture??

JAM. said...

umm, i think you guys are all just jealous. brooke hogan is a talented performer and is such a nice girl. why hate on her?
so what if her dad is a wrestler?
she made it where she is today based on her hard work and skills and i admire that.
GO BROOKE :]]]]]]]

pixie said...

brooke is gorgeous u all fucking suck(:
except that person ^ u rule
but the rest of u suck
jealous much

Nikky said...

I've always loved that disliking a celebrity automatically means that you're jealous. Alrighty then.

And celebrities of her ilk are a dime a dozen, she's be a flash in the pan if her father wasn't who he is. Thinking she got their on her own talent is just plain silly. She's not horrible, but she's not nearly talented enough to be where she is if she were just some random blonde chick.