Monday, October 29, 2007

I Prefer Laziness

Life is just totally crazy all of a sudden. All these people calling me and wanting stuff and needing me to call them back, emails that have to be returned, research that has to be done into pricing and products, appointment book that has to be kept up with. It's like I have an official job all of a sudden.

Which, don't get me wrong, is a good thing. Mr. Ashley and I were in preliminary discussions regarding me getting a night job while things suck so bad financially. Trust me, you'd rather have me photographing your children than serving your food. I just thought it would be a more gradual transition. And that maybe there would be less phone time. I was trying to keep it to no more than 2 appointments per week and I'm already booked through November if I stay firm on that rule!

At least it is a good kind of busy.

I've been working hard on the costumes. Yesterday I ran to the mall to get the fleece ski cap at The Children's Place. I saw them there last week and this week they swear they're out. We are in South Florida. It's only October. We haven't had it dip below 83 degrees yet. I just have a hard time believing they sold out of snow hats. I searched every store in the mall that carries kids clothes and not ONE had ANYTHING that would work. I almost cried.

I swung by K-Mart because everyone on the bargain board is hunting for this playhouse for $30. I thought for sure my ghetto ass K-Mart wouldn't have any and if they did they'd be full price, but I GOT IT!! For $30! YAY! This will be a huDge part of little kid's Christmas. While I was there I also found a red ski cap and some Suavitel fabric softener for $.50. Then I swung by the Dollar Tree and found the perfect red fuzzy pimp-like hat that fits little kid and would be THE COOLEST parrot head ever, but he won't even let me get it near his head. Damn him.

I worked on the parrot head ski cap all night long and I think it's pretty cute. I even sewed and stuffed a beak. However, I think he has too much dignity to wear such a thing and I may have a fight on my hands. This is definitely one of those costumes that he will look back on one day and ask why the hell I did that to him. Sorry, but all the "good" moms make their kids costumes, I have to do it at least once. I may ditch the tote bag idea, that may have been a moment of overachieving, but I still hope to decorate the wagon into a pirate ship. We shall see.

Okay, little kid is in time out and is starting to get pissed. He realized yesterday that he can climb (read: fall) out of his crib and now he pretty much holds us hostage at bed time and time out because now we have to worry that he'll decide to free himself if he gets mad enough. What am I going to do with this kid?? Big Kid slept in a crib until he was 2.5 with no problems. Leave it to little kid to be swan diving to the floor below at the tender age of 14 months. I better go rescue him before we're 3 for 3 with head injuries. I swear I'll be back one day with something funny.


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

sounds like good busy, but don't get overwhelmed! glad you found the hat.

Kate said...

How many Coke points will it take for me to get you to take the midgies pictures??? Funny or not, I still love reading and feel a Huge letdown when there isn't a new post.

Sasha said...

Oh yes- The Politician loved his crib and we had no trouble keeping him in it until just after his 3rd bday. But The Wild Child.... I can tell it's not going to last that long..... Can't wait to see a pic of the completed costumes.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the costumes, they sound so great I am almost embarased to admit I let my BK wear a cheap plastic Optimus Prime costume (at least it is the first time) I did make my LK's costume last year she was Pebbles from the flinstones.

Also congrats on the photo buisness I wish I had enough talent to do that


Deb said...

Kiddo will be transitioning to the new house in his new room in his new bed. I'll let you know what pitfalls I hit so you can avoid them.

Pirate ship? That's way worse than the polar ice caps I had to do for Kiddo's wagon. You never cease to impress.

Rebecca said...

Congrats on finding the perfect job for you...and having success getting started! Good job on the costumes too.

My little one has been in a regular bed for a year...we just put a massive baby gate at her door so she can't get out and wreak havoc in the house. When we first changed over, sometimes I'd find her sleeping on her floor or someplace odd, but not she's figured it's just easier to stay in bed, since she can't get to anywhere fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the tents that you can put over cribs? My little one started climbing out of her bed at 12 months and I went to babies R Us and found a "crib tent". It is mesh, see through and attaches easily. It zips closed. It is the best invention ever. She stayed in her crib till she was 3.

Anonymous said...

Go to Babies R Us and look up the "Crib Tent 2" by "Tots in Mind". It saved us a trip to the emergency room.