Friday, October 5, 2007


Did you see Deb on the Today show? God, if I didn't hate her before, I sure would like to now. How the hell does she have arms like that? She's skinny AND toned. She was cool as a cucumber up there in front of millions of people. She was also fabulously dressed, thanks to her Pretty Woman shopping trip at Neiman's. She wrote all about it on her blog and posted a link to the show, so go read and watch and fall in love with her, but don't forget who introduced you. Don't forget who you loved first.

A few people wanted to know what happened with the Halloween ordeal. Being the nice mommy that I am, I decided it wasn't worth fighting over. It's (supposed to be) a kid's holiday and he should be the one having fun and I'd just return the pirate costume. I rushed to and bought the Buzz costume and rushed to Ebay and bought a green alien costume and a green alien backpack and was very pleased with myself for not procrastinating like I do every other year.

Well today my mom asked him what he was going to be for Halloween and he said he was going to be a pirate. She told him she thought he was going to be Buzz and he said that we didn't have any money for Buzz, so he was just going to be a pirate now instead. She told him she was pretty sure we were going to return the pirate and get the money back and that I had already bought him the Buzz costume and he said no, he really just wanted to be a pirate and that was what he was going to be. I came home and we talked about it and he does indeed want to be the pirate, even tried it on (WITH the hat), and it doesn't look as gay as I thought so I guess we're back to plan A. Now what to do with all this freaking Toy Story stuff? Ugh.

Someone also asked about the weiner cutters. First let me say that I do NOT recommend that you get the whole weiner cutting thing started, as it is messy and annoying and not as cool as you think it is going to be. My mom got them from Ebay, I have this one among others. Maybe I should post a really random ebay auction: 1 Buzz costume, 1 green alien costume, 1 green alien backpack, 5 weiner cutters all for one low price!

I am still doing the Bento thing and Big Kid loves it. Ms. Sharon told me that she also loves it and finds herself looking forward to opening his lunchbox and seeing what will be in there each day. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm the best mom in the class. She also told me he's the smartest kid in the class. Those weren't her exact words, but that's what she meant. They are uber impressed with his skills, as they should be because he is exceptional (no sarcasm or jokes here, he really is).

Remember how a while ago I said I thought they said something about not mixing meat and cheese? But then someone pointed out that would mean no Hamburger Helper and I decided that I must have heard wrong because that just couldn't be possible? Turns out, it is possible. They sent a note home saying no peanuts, no pork or ham, no meat and dairy combinations. Come on people. Maybe you should just send a list of what he can eat because he is a sandwich kid and if you can't have peanut butter, meat and cheese is pretty much your only other option. I will indulge them on the pork thing (is salami included?) but I am just going to hope that my star shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches dazzle them too much for them to even notice that I'm breaking the meat/cheese combo rule. The kid has to eat.

He is in the bathroom singing a song about Shabbat as I type this. My little Irish Jew!

Today Mr. Ashley and I went over to the other coast to get flooring for the rental condo that my brother's ho-bag girlfriend trashed. We found some guy on Craigslist and met him at a warehouse where he sold us Pergo brand laminate flooring for .69 a square foot!! I'm still on a total bargain high. That piece of shit condo now has nicer flooring than our home. Now if someone will just rent it, buy it, or burn it down, we'll be all set.

Okay, enough randomness for now. I have more to say (can you believe that?) and I'll be back later.


Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd let you know, just to ease your stress and all LOL, that the meat/cheese thing strictly pertains to beef meats.. of course no pork allowed and yes, salami counts.

I would think a turkey and cheese sandwich is just fine. You can also look into alternative nut "butters" that are supposed to be really good too! (never tried them myself though! LOL)

Deb said...

As an Irish Jew, do you think that means he'll be able to put away the Manischewitz like it's water at future Chanukah celebrations?

I promise they'll never love me more than you, my dear. After all, I don't own weiner cutters.

Anonymous said...

Ashley - I am so glad my DD is only 19 months old, she can't object yet to her costumes!! As for the PBJs, try Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) my DD loves it. Sunbutter and jelly, Mmmmmm. I purposely didn't start her on PB for the exact reason of so many schools being peanut free.

Kate said...

I just watched Deb and although I'll ALWAYS love you first and most, she is a hottie for sure! I think I'm just going to change Ab's birthday from September to August so I don't end up getting calls from various sheriff's about my inability to stop stalking August mom's...

Monogram Momma said...

Okay. I am still trying to overlook the whole thing about you loving The Red Tent. But that aside, I have a whole huge list of recommended "non allergy" pre-school meals that I will dig up and email you. It's from our pre-school. They have a strict no-peanut butter policy. Have you tried flavored cream cheese spread on a tortilla and rolled up. You could even cut them up for your Bento box. Anyway, I'll try to find that list and email it to you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

HEY! Thanks for the shout out! I've totally missed reading you (on a regular basis, I'm still reading, but it's ususally only once a week (work is busy, bastards and school) and then I hate commenting 7 days later EYEROLL!) It will get back to normal soon.

You rock for getting BK the costume he wanted - I'd file that under "thing to remind him of when he back talks at age 17). And I'm totally impressed you're still Bento'ing!

So sorry your PC bit the big one - I would DIE! And I would die if you stopped blogging LOL I hope Mr. Ashley sees that CLEARLY you need a new laptop.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm glad you had fun on your night out! I'm starin down the berrel of 30, taint fun, let me tell you - enjoy your last year of 20's!!

<3 Cake

Renee said...

Deb is a total superstar. Thanks for clarifying the meat/cheese thing - I think I was the one who pointed out that The Jews could not eat cheesy macaroni Hamburger Helper. LOL. It's so classic that Big Kid is now back to being a pirate. Watch out, though, at 5:30 pm on October 31st, he will want to be Buzz again.

Renee said...

I meant to tell you that I've also been a little unimpressed with the weiner cutters, but the egg molds are pretty cool! I've been buying medium-sized eggs to make them fit better.