Sunday, October 14, 2007

Update From Not So Shy

Wow, I was just joking. I really had no intention of offending you or your family. I definitely gleaned from your blog that Big Kid is really smart, funny, inquisitive and has a loving and caring family. I am in no way a perfect parent nor did I mean to infer that. I certainly didn't expect to start some firestorm. I definitely won't be commenting anymore. I still love your blog. Sincerely shy again.

And this is the problem with the internet, my friends. Had the comment in question been said at a real life playdate, in a friendly and joking manner, I probably would have laughingly said something like "Or I could save my sanity" and would have moved on and never thought of it again. But online you can read things in so many different tones and my years of experience on Babycenter have tainted my view because there are Perfect Parenting Police on every board (and shockingly, I'm often their target).

So while the comment was kind of annoying, I don't believe you really meant it to be and I admire that you came back and responded. You definitely handled it with grace and I hope we can still be "friends". I don't want my dear readers/friends to feel like they can never offer a dissenting opinion and I certainly don't want less comments (wink, wink, you guys know I'm a comment whore), so I am sorry if I read this as snarky and reacted as such if you were joking (it did seem kind of snarky though).

I totally understand your reluctance to comment again (clearly you are not an attention loving weiner gobbler who was just glad to be in the spotlight) but I would love if you changed your mind about that and even added your name one day so I could "know" you (because I do "know" and recognize my commenters, I even notice when you guys are MIA). You just may want to utilize some smileys or lols or something.

No hard feelings here, I hope you can say the same.


Burrus Boys said...

O.k., I just had to comment on this one. A) I actually had something to say, and B) Your constant comment fishing finally paid off... LOL :) Just to clear up any confusion there and Ha! Ha! (for good measure).

Anyway, Not So Shy certainly did come off as quite snarky in the first comment but sincerely penitent in the second. I would have to place her in the category with my sister and my husband's best friend from high school. Both are incredibly intelligent people who manage to be quite successful in their chosen spheres, but have absolutely no grasp of the fine line between funny/sarcastic witticisms and just plain shitty comments. Good on you for coming back with a nice post after the second comment. And I agree, Baby Center definitely raises your Snarky Awareness Level to something akin to DEFCON 5. Much love to ya!!

Maggie said...

The internet is a little tricky, both for blogs and for blog comments. Some of the things you say I think come across as more biting than they would in person. For example, I had first thought you were actually anti-Semitic, but now realize you're not. It's hard to interpret some things you (and we) say without the context of personal acquaintance. You are VERY funny but with a definite edge!