Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You want to know what sucks worse than painting the condo? Painting it twice.

I may have neglected to tell you all, but the other day when I went to Home Depot I checked out the "Oops" paint rack and found 2 gallons of Ralph Lauren paint that were a nice khaki color and were only $5 each. I really thought the gods were smiling down upon me.

So today after my photography lesson, I went over to the condo to do some more painting. The guest room was 90% done, so I opened up the other can and did all of the trim, up around the ceiling, the corners, and touched up a few spots that needed another coat. As I was finishing up and looking around in satisfaction, I noticed that the corner I had started in was dry and was a different color. The main color was more of a brown khaki and the color I just did was a green khaki, even though both spots on the cans were IDENTICAL and the wet paint looked IDENTICAL. Not so identical. Oops is right.

So I repainted the room with a light coat of the 2nd gallon since I had barely enough left, and I suspect I have a big streaky mess on my hands now. Sherri and my mom both said to insist that it is a new technique of faux painting and Mr. Ashley has promised that he'll have a friend come paint it again because I've done plenty, but I'm really ticked about it. I just want to check something off of this neverending "to do" list.

Then I came home to find that my 12 year old weiner dog, Heidi Louise, has an enormous growth like thing on her side. She's super lopsided, I'm afraid it may be an enlarged liver or something. She has Cushings disease and has been deteriorating. Unfortunately, she's been last on the list of my "to be nice to" list because I'm worn so thin and I'm afraid I'll be paying for it soon. At the very least, I'll be paying a hefty vet bill. Hopefully the bill will be the most painful part, I just can't handle more bad news.

Speaking of bad news, my MIL is in town. I don't have to see her because I haven't been talking to her this year. I was starting to let up on that around the boys' birthday but today she has managed to extend her sentence by at least another year. She never learns. You all would love the sordid tale, but Mr. Ashley would kill me and I'm trying to be nice to him.

So suffice to say, not a good day. A couple of good things happened today but I'm going to post those in a whole nother post so that we can move on from my whining and hopefully onto some funniness. Funnyness? Is that even a word? It is now, spell it however you'd like.


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Holy Shit. What a load. I, unfortunately, can completely relate. My life is in the toilet this week/millenium too. That's why I blog about other stuff, it's a nice distraction...

Sorry friend.

Jennifer said...

That blows!! It's even worse when the week is shit anyway. Sorry about the repainting.

I hope Heidi Louise gets better. I have a wiener dog named Charlie and they are cool little dogs. Floor pissers, but still cute.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the dog. =(
I hear ya on the MIL..the's in the doghouse. No bday present for the kid this year. beeyotch!
I hope things start to look up for ya.


Anonymous said...

My life is rough right now too. Was supposed to go see MIL but bought a $300 plane ticket to somewhere else to get out of it. That is how fond I am of her right now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the dog it sucks I know. I worked at a vet for 1 to many years and hubby is a Hospital Manager at a large animal hospital-anyways it could be something not bad like a fatty growth which are nothing to really worry about. Hopefully you take her to the dr and they say she is good to go for a while longer.


Rebecca said...

Eek on the hour with pervy man! No way could I have handled that!

Let me encourage you NOT to visit the bargain blog and decide to use paperbackswap. It would most likely be a bad idea to swap books with boudoir pics in them. With your luck, they would be going straight to pervy man and he's think it was a suggestion

Sorry to hear about your pup. Not to bring you down, but we had the same problem 3 weeks ago with our 6 year old kitty. Today she is back at the vet having her wound stuffed with sugar. That's right. Domino sugar. I'm off to pay my $200 vet bill for them stuffing my (live) cat with sugar.

Deb said...

I'd like to be stuffed with sugar for medical purposes.

Sorry about the pup. I'm sure she'll be just fine. I'll think good thoughts.

And it's "funnyness" with a "y". It just looks better that way.

Unknown said...

I kind of like Funniness, actually..

So sorry to hear about Heidi Louise. Hopefully it's nothing a little medication can't cure.

And even more sorry to hear about the MIL around. I'd love to hear details but I know how that goes with the Mr.
But didn't you say he didn't read this anyway? What he doesn't know won't hurt him.. ;)