Friday, June 8, 2007

Cleaning Progress Report

Cokes: 2

Cokes spilled:1

Babies scolded: 1

Loads of laundry: 1

Hands chemically burned from Oxi-Clean: 2 (don't break the clumps up with your hands)

Loads of dishes: 1

Number of times the Little Kid was stopped from grabbing a knife: 2

Number of times dishwasher door had to be closed while loading to prevent little kid from getting into it: 4

Rooms wandered through aimlessly: 9

Bags of garbage collected: 2

Times I resisted getting back on computer for Paris update: 6

Little Kid found in dog water bowl, once with a vacuum part: 2

Wiped noses: 2

Catalogs read: 2

Boat spotlights found: 1

Retinas scorched from boat spotlight: 2

Number of times Little Kid cried and demanded to be picked up: 3

Strangulation attempts with the vacuum cord prevented: 1

Fights with Big Kid about changing the channel to adult programming: 1

Number of adult programs viewed today: 0

Phone calls with various people to discuss the 7:30am twin ordeal tomorrow: 2

Trips to mailbox: 1

Nursing sessions only because I needed a good excuse to check my email, tell you guys how unproductive I'm being and get a Paris Update: 1


Sisters with Style said...

This sounds like many days at my house. It is a wonder we get anything done.

Renee said...

Looks like a very productive day! How did it end? Are you ready for your company tomorrow? If all else fails, run around with a laundry basket and throw everything that's not where it should be in the basket, and stuff the basket in your closet until after the company leaves. :)

Unknown said...

Well I vacuumed the whole house and then MOPPED. This NEVER happens. When I told Mr. Ashley I was going to do the floors he said, "With what, a mop? Wow"

After that I was pretty tired though, so Mr. Ashley is going to pick the twins up and I'll have until tomorrow...and then I can blame the mess on them.

Sarahviz said...

Hmmm...sounds very similar to a day In the Trenches! I always feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!