Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tick Tock

I can't believe it is only 1:40pm. Time is just dragginggggggggggggggggggggg on today. I sent Heidi Louise to my mom's house after she peed on my carpet and tore up another trash can full of poopy diapers (fucking dog) and it has been nice and quiet but I have also had to pick up a tremendous amount of food from the floor. She's kind of like one of those robot vacuums except for all of the yapping and pissing everywhere.

Here's a shocker....the little kid is whining for me again. Damn, can't a girl get a minute? Or a nap for that matter?


Ms. Skywalker said...

My dogs too LOVE diapers.

So I've become religious about making sure there are never dirty ones around.

Two days ago when I got home, they tore open a NEW pack of diapers.

I had no idea how warm a dog-skin blanket was.


Ahh...people who speak my language. ;)

My dog (1 one-canine Wrecking Crew) went to live with my dad in Alaska last summer when we moved to Georgia because "we couldn't take him with us." That was partially true, the place we lived when we first got here wouldn't take pets but now we live on an Army post and we could have a dog but Sully is just too high strung and destructive. My two year old is wild enough, I don't need two of them around.

As for the dog skin blanket...I once asked my shoe repair man if he couldn't fix my Manolo Blahnik that Sully chewed up, could he make me some dog skin shoes? Lucky for Sully, he could repair my shoe.

Bad dog.

Monogram Momma said...

Totally unrelated... but last week you said you wanted rude commenters? Well my regular one is back. I typically don't read or publish her comments but I did tonight. Go read away and enjoy the entertainment!

Burrus Boys said...

Before I wised up and got a step can with a lid for my bathroom, my dog pooped the back yard full of panty shields. Just try explaining THAT to the lawn guy.

the rural rube said...

I'm offended at anyone who has named their dog Sully, even if it is spelled with a "y".
I'm not sure what is worse - the dog tearing into the shitty diapers or the one shredding the blood-filled Always pads.... neither one are very pretty, are they?
(okay, i'm going to read the rude poster on Monogram's blog.... )

Monogram Momma said...

P.S. My dog frequently poops crayons. She is the perfect dog and never destroys anything or eats anything she isn't supposed to... except Crayons. Oh, and the kicker? ONLY crayola will do. She won't eat the cheap "Rose Art" brand.

Yeah, that's right. My preppy puppy has very discriminating taste.