Sunday, June 10, 2007

For Your Enjoyment

In case you aren't fortunate enough to be out on the boat today, ignore your kids while reading the Best of Craigslist. A friend recommended this to me the other day and I am now addicted.


Unknown said...

I was totally on my way to bed when I thought I'd pop in and see how you're weekend went (I know, Oh, for the love of God, get a LIFE, TRACI!)
and low and behold, I get turned on...

To another web-site. I don't need this Ashley. How much more do you want me to ignore Trevor when he's lying on the floor clutching my leg and begging for food as I say 'Just 5 more minutes, honey'..

But thanks, that is some funny shit..

Unknown said...

I'm always turning you on, aren't I?

I had a fabulous day on the boat and I'm totally exhausted, but here I am talking to you.

I can type while the little kid is clawing my face and screaming MAMAMAMAMAMAMA and sometimes I only nurse him so I have a good excuse to read stuff online. He has not been happy about the discovery of Best of Craigslist. So, tell Trevor that he's cute and all, but get over himself. Mommy needs time too. Lots.

I will be back with a boat update w/pics tomorrow. I saw a dead sea turtle and maybe you will too!

Deb said...

Oh, yeah... I used to waste hours a day at work reading that stuff. Search for "phantom shitter" on the San Francisco board. I promise you'll love this guy.