Sunday, June 3, 2007

Speech Teacher My Ass

Today, out of nowhere, the big kid looked at me and said, "Mrs. Schneider is a bad girl. She did not come to the last day of school to say goodbye and that makes the big kid-y feel sad." (because he always adds a Y to his name). It is not like the big kid to remember anything for an hour, little less 2 weeks. I am P-I-S-S-E-D off all over again.

You know I was going to drop it. Whatever, she sees it as 30 minutes (since she's always late) a week she spends with 3 little kids but to him it is his teacher and his school and HIS LAST DAY DAMN IT. You can't just not come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure the principal still checks in during the summer. I would think? Maybe I should write a letter, or should I call? I hate confrontation, this is the shit I hate about parenting. It's not acceptable to hurt the big kid's feelings though.

So I have to do that and clean up this mess of a house tomorrow. Things have really slipped while I've been sick and I doubt I'm going to feel much better tomorrow (because I'm an optimist like that and because I feel that crappy) but I'm going to have to buck up, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER, and clean up this house and report Mrs. Schneider to the Principal of The School.

(I bet you instead I'll get online and read some of the blogs I've added to my favorites list. There are a lot of funny people out there. That would be way more fun than cleaning and tattling. I'll probably lie to you about it though, so be forewarned)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I would definitly tell the Principal. S/he will want to know- if for not other reason that the teacher was surely paid for time time and day that she did not show up. And from want you mention, she was rather ineffective in helping your Big Kid. Maybe she is just young and needs more guidance from her school system?

In the end, you will feel better knowing you stood up for your Big Kid- esp if it has this large of an impact on him. And you.

Unknown said...

Yeah, yeah, I know I've got to do the right thing and report her. She's actually old, but totally clueless. I just wish people would do their jobs right the first time!!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)

Unknown said...

For what it's worth- you probably will feel better at least complaining about her. Chances are she won't get into trouble, or alot of it anyway but at least you know you stuck up for the big guy. He can't do it himself, he needs you!
I said the exact same thing as I was shutting down my computer last night... tomorrow I am going to clean, clean, clean. I will not even turn the laptop on until Trevor is in bed-for the night.. hahahahahahaaa. it's only 9:30am.
I am such a loser.
But I am turning it off right now to get some stuff done since he's napping.
P.S- I sure do hope you're feeling better.