Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Early Bedtime

I have a migraine and the big kid is arguing with me about putting his underwear on. I caught him bouncing on his bouncy ball naked AND sitting on the couch naked and that's just not right. I keep telling him to go back to his room if he won't put them on and he's been in there for quite a while. I'm just not in the mood to fight about it. He yells little declarations of independence like "I'M SO MAD. MUDDER, I AM SO MAAAAAAAAD." and "I will NOT be putting undies on. I say NO." every once in a while and I'm just ignoring him. He's earning himself an early bedtime, for sure.

Mr. Ashley just had to have a stern talk with the little kid about his belief that food is to be thrown into the air like confetti. The dog thinks it's a great idea and jumps around frantically like one of those people in those glass booths full of money blowing around. The little kid takes everything very personally and is crying (YELLING AT BIG KID TO PUT UNDIES ON OR GO BACK IN ROOM, HE SNUCK OUT) big, gut wrenching sobs. At yesterday's playdate the hostess had a mirrored wall and the little kid desperately wanted to put his hand and face prints all over it and if I even suggested that he not, he would start with the lower lip trembling and watch himself in the mirror fall to pieces which would only make him cry harder. I finally just let him do it, who has a mirrored wall and small children? That's just asking for it. Lovely home though and the hostess was a hottie, which is always a plus because pretty people are just easier to be around. (kidding) (kind of)

I know we haven't done shopping in a while, but I've been very social lately and I have to confess I kind of feel like I'm cheating on you all. I started a blog because of my dedication to staying home in my pajamas and chatting with my friends all day and my ability to update frequently. This whole "real life" people thing is exhausting.

I want one of these. I know $150 is a lot and it is kind of weird and I'd actually need two. But I want them.

I'll be "cleaning" tomorrow, so there should be plenty of time for blogging.


Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

I love the "toddler talk." So cute and funny!

Jill said...

LOL on the mirrored walls...and maybe you could just get ONE of those wooden giant cup looking things & have it be asymmetrical... :-) :-) :-)

Unknown said...

Ya know... 2 days.
2 days it took me to figure out what in the hell that was! (without cliking on the link)
Now that I 'see' it.. I just love it.
How do I justify that to Hubs..hmm...

Unknown said...

Jill, that's a great idea!! Because I don't see Mr. Ashley going for 2...but 1 really butt ugly one that includes both kids? For a mere $150? How could he say no?

Traci, lol. You must have really been wondering. Tell Troy he owes you.