Thursday, May 1, 2008

Art Show

So, tonight was the big art auction and show at the Temple.

There was wine and cheese and a silent auction and art on display from the students. Some really cute stuff too.

That we had to buy for $10 a piece. Okay. Whatever.

Lucky for me, Big Kid painted a bed tray red and did a self portrait out of mosaic tiles on it. Freaking awesome! What a fun project and finally something worth keeping. A bargain for $10.

My mom got suckered into some crap ass flower picture he did. Not crap ass because he didn't do a good job, but you know. It was something I would've eventually snuck into the garbage, not something I would pay $10 for. He'll be thrilled though.

I had donated a gift certificate for photography services and my mom and I sat at a table nearby (but not too near) my display (a 20 x 30 metallic print of that gorgeous newborn photo I showed you all not long ago, and one of my oversized photobooks) and people watched.

I believe I've mentioned this before...but 85% of the school's parents are rich and gorgeous, 10% are just rich, and 5% are average and middle class like me, paying upper class tuition in the name of education.

I can't tell you how many size 2s were in the room. How many $1200 handbags. How many Lexuses in the parking lot. Total craziness. Perfectly dressed people with perfect makeup and shoes.

(Don't worry, I didn't wear flip flops. I wore really cute navy blue and white, canvas and wood heels Catfish gave me, with my cute jeans, which are getting too big for me by the way, yay me, and a blue Gap top. Not a t-shirt either. I was also having a really good hair day)

My mom would mention how fabulous someone looked in that dress, and all I could think was what a pain that would be to iron. LOL...I'm sure these people are not ironing. But I would have to.

It's fun to dream though. And fun to watch these rich people ooohing and aaahhing over my stuff and picking up my cards.

It will also be interesting to meet whoever won the auction.

As I was leaving, this gorgeous young woman with a perfect pageboy haircut, a tight, pencil length dress and really high, round toed heels with cork soles came running out of the door after me.

Her: Ashley? Ashley, I really wanted to meet you.
Ashley: Yes! Hi!
Her: You're Big Kid's mom, right?
Ashley: Yes, he's mine.
Her: I'm his art teacher. I just had to tell you how much I love him.
Ashley: Me too, he's something else, isn't he? (I can never just accept a compliment on my kids, I always agree with whatever is being said and/or brag)
Her: Oh, he is so sweet and so smart and just so cute. He comes in so excited and he loves art and he's really good at it.
Ashley: Thank you, he really loves you too, he is always talking about art and now I know why, with such a cool, totally hip art teacher.
Her: Awww, well I just wanted to tell you that. How much I love him. He is really something amazing.

How sweet is that? This is SUCH a great school. They are all such nice people. I really wish I could just go to The Temple without the trouble of converting. I also wish that wouldn't be such a weird thing to do. I mean, I have pretty much made up my own religion by picking and choosing amongst many and declaring a personal relationship with God, so I'm going to believe what I want anyway. It shouldn't matter where I want to hang out in the mean time.

Can I also say that it was awesome they had wine there? I would be willing to bet that this significantly helped auction prices by the end of the night (although I wasn't there for it, was not sticking around until 9pm)

So that was all nice and then I came home to two nice emails, one from Catfish complimenting me on being a good friend during her wedding (she just got the wedding video I guess), even though I STILL haven't gotten her all of her wedding photos. So much for my three month turn around time on that one. It's on the "soon" list.

And the other one from The Renee, who got her gift and really loved it and was very sweet in expressing that.

I'd tell you what it is and share a photo but I'm really tired and I have to return the Girl Crush's email. Although I thought she was confident in our relationship, my emails to her kept getting returned to me and she got a little insecure/stalkerish for a minute there, until I assured her that we were already pretty much BFF and that I had big plans for us. It just takes me a while.

So I'll show you the gift tomorrow. It deserves it's own post anyway.


Renee said...

The self portrait in mosaic tiles sounds awesome! Now tell everyone what you got me for my birthday! I am still in shock and can't stop gazing at it. :)

-The Renee

Anonymous said...

Two mentions in ONE post, damn I feel important ;) I'm such an ALWG!! xoxo CF