Monday, May 12, 2008

Underachieving--LINK FIXED

Abandoned police department (I have a strong desire to be one of these people who breaks into abandoned urban dwellings and photographs them. Unfortunately, there are no abandoned urban dwellings around here, and I don't have bail money.)

All electric car coming in 2009
(and it's not even badly priced)

Most Controversial travel destinations
(I want to travel to many. I also have some serious questions about this whole "me not being allowed to go to Cuba" thing. I'm too tired to get into it now, but you'll be hearing all about that)

Photos of sand (who knew it could be so interesting) (ETA: I fixed that link. Leave it up to me to have a broken link for the most interesting site in the list)

More stunning pictures (because you all liked that last time)


Momma Mary said...

So. You CAN go to Cuba. You just have to have the 'right' reasons, and the right travel agent. :) My mother has gotten a few people into Cuba. But, alas, she is a travel agent no longer.

Anonymous said...

dooce was on abc news. she looks boring. talks about poop too much.

Ms. Skywalker said...

Abandoned urban dwellings you need? Just say the word and you can go to work with me for a week.

Totally free of charge, no bail money required.

Besides, you'd be totally amazed what "Personal Recognizance" will cover.

Anonymous said...

The sand photos don't work for me? :( I wanna see

Jen said...

I click on Visions of Sand and it takes me to a Google / Blogger sign-in screen.
Others are awesome!

Joy said...

That police station thing was crazy.

I can't see the sand one either, but those last photos are amazing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing the link. It really was the best one!

Anonymous said...

I loved the sand and the photos! I shared them with a few CWs who also thought they were breathtaking! Thanks!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Love the penguins! They look like they're holding hands. How sweet!

Renee said...

I liked the controversial travel destinations - I love how people are calling for a boycott of the Olympics, but there's not much talk of boycotting all imports from China, or Chinese investment in our financial markets. That's because we depend on them for too much! The Olympics is an easy one though. Pretty stupid, imo.

-The Renee

PS I'm ranting a lot tonight, aren't I? I'm feeling a little feisty. I won't be feeling feisty tomorrow, though, so I hope no one responds to my rants with any sort of contrary opinion or debate-worthy position. :)

Anonymous said...

The police department one was so cool! I can't believe they have all that stuff just laying around like that! And the sand photos were really cool too!!

Unknown said...

I also thought it was really surprising that so much stuff was just left there. That seems wrong. It would be so fun to explore though!!

Renee, I hear you on the China thing. The trade embargo with Cuba is something I'm meaning to look into more because I'm confused about that. Something seems fishy there. Ridiculous at least.