Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Now

Ashley: Hey, you know how you're graduating from pre-k on Friday?

Big Kid: Yeah.

Ashley: I was thinking that maybe I would take you to the orchestra on Saturday afternoon. What do you think of that?

Big Kid: What orcastwah? What one?

Ashley: It's at the theater. Remember where we went to see STOMP? There were all of the art galleries and stuff? Well, Saturday the orchestra will be there. Would you like to go?

Big Kid: As long as it's a diffewent orcastwah, not one wif garbage and stuffs. No twash cans, no cups, no bwooms, no plastic stuffs...nuthin' like dat, okay? I dest wanna hear some weal instwaments, not any garbage fings.

Ashley: (trying not to LMAO) No, no, it's real instruments. No garbage.

Big Kid: Yeah, garbage music is sort of weird. It was good, but weird.

(he just read this whole post over my shoulder, only stumbling on the made up words. He wants to know why this is so funny, wanting to make sure we're going to a "weal orcastwah wif weal instwaments and no garbage". Seriously, this kid is a riot. He could be a reality show.)


Anonymous said...

BK is a genius.
He so needs a reality show. Much better than Jesus Camp, I bet. The mere name "Jesus Camp" makes me wonder if I should watch. Is it mockery? I live in the Bible Belt, after all.

Anonymous said...

LOL that is hilarious, you should post a daily quote from "Big Kid" or give hima column in your blog ;-)

Maddness of Me said...

He is very astute for his age (you already knew that).

KatBouska said...

Big Kid's in Pre-K AND he reads!?! What the heck??? My kids are morons.

Judy said...

Yeah that, what Kathy said!

Melodie said...

I totally agree with Carla. "The World According to BK" would make a fabulous reality show. A camera crew could just follow him around while he talks about all of the idiots and weird stuff he has to deal with on a daily basis. That would be a hoot!

SuddenlySouthernCyndi said...

That's about the cutest thing I've heard today. And yeah, a "quote of the day" would be priceless. Get right on that, will ya?

Amy said...

Oh I needed this today!!

So no garbage music and Fergie shakin her bootie is "horrible."

Quite a high-brow kid you're raising there.