Saturday, May 24, 2008

Man of the House

Apparently Big Kid thinks the Man of the House bosses the Woman of the House around.

I have NO IDEA where he got this absurd idea but yesterday afternoon he told me that he was going to get Murph some water and I was going to feed him, that it may be early but Murph is looking hungry and since he's the man of the house this is how we're going to do it.

Last night he walked into the family room and said, "I'm da man of da house and we're habing Pizza tonight." I tried to protest and point out that we had pizza the night before AND for lunch that day, but he was already slapping pizza pieces onto plates and setting them on the table.

Since both of these incidents were amusing and actually pretty easy for me, I let it slide, but he'd better figure out how this whole relationship thing works.


Anonymous said...

At least in his world of "man of da house" he not only tells you what is for dinner, but also serves it up on a plate!! I like that. Can I send my "man of the house" over for some training? I'm tired of cooking!

Unknown said...

Hey Txchic, I meant to respond to the other comment but forgot. I would LOVE more overalls. There's only so much laundry I can do, but so many diapers for him to take off. So that would be awesome.

Email me at Ashleysclosetblog @ Muchas gracias.

Anonymous said...

I confess-at BK's graduation lunch on Friday I told him to remember to feed the dogs since his Dad would be gone. What a good boy!!
Gram (aka Mom)

Laural Out Loud said...

I totally let things slide when they work in my favor. My daughter will get it straight eventually!

Renee said...

Hey! Sorry I haven't commented in a week - I have been at my MIL's house and then my parents' house and I don't have 'net access at either of those locations. I miss you! Just got caught up on the blog and have lots to say - but not much time. :( So I'll have to get caught up another day. I love that my bracelet is for sale in the Ashley store though! Wow! I feel so famous. Lol. Miss you!

-The Renee

Life, Love And Lola said...

The fact that you haven't mentioned POOP in the first 24 hrs is a GOOD THING!

If POOP occurs tell big kid he doesn't owe you if he cleans it up.

Maddness of Me said...

I think he is acting out some Vivi hostility.

This is how it starts ;)