Friday, May 9, 2008


Wedding Story came on right after all of the Baby Story shows, and now I'd rather get married again.

This works out rather well since my future sister wife and I have come to agreeable negotiations and have decided to go forth with our engagement and then marriage.

I need a long engagement though, there is lots of planning to be done (and quite frankly, I didn't realize HOW MANY sister wife options I had...can't hurt to get to know her a little better before I move her in.)

I am thinking we can combine the Ashley's Closet cruise WITH our nuptials!! Isn't that perfect? I thought so too.

So we'll start making those lists and buying wedding magazines and what not soon.

Also, thank you Kira for this comment:

Swallow a watermelon whole, rub your nipples with a pedi-egg, and then put a cat and a dog in a potato sack together, dress it up and try to cuddle it.

Has that refreshed your memory?

If not, I'm hearby offering you my baby on loan until you remember that procreating is a bitch and we're all petitioning to make men have to do the dirty work.

It is oh-so-true and oh-so-effective birth control.

So we'll do a wedding/honeymoon instead. With invitations. And favors. And a champagne fountain.

That will be way more fun.


Slacker Mama said...

Yeah...I was going to comment on Kira's comment. But the thought of the PediEgg on my nipples made me feel dizzy.

I opted to lie down instead.

Weddings are cool. I figure that my wedding day was *the* happiest. Sure, the births of my daughters were great and all, but on my wedding day I was drunk and only good things happened to my vajayjay.

Kira said...


I better be invited to this wedding. I promise I'll bring a good (read: expensive and utterly unnecessary) gift.



Yup, Kira, you nailed it. And, to rememeber the joys of labor, as Carol Burnett said, pull your bottom lip up over your head. Fun fun, huh? Thank God for epidurals!

Mitch said...

Kira's comment --

nuff said.

Melodie said...

The only problem with another wedding is that we'd all probably have to go on a major diet to fit back into our pre-children wedding clothes! Not that I'd mind being so hot again, but dieting is such a bitch!

AFRo said...

I'm over here all giddy about the prospect of listing.

Judy said...

OMG, rotflmao at Kira's comment. So true.