Monday, May 12, 2008


was so nice!

I've actually extended the holiday, today is Mother's Day Monday. So continue celebrating!

So yesterday we went over to my mom's house to horseback ride, swim, and barbecue.

On the way over there, Big Kid was saying his alphabet backwards. I turned to Mr. Ashley and said, "That's pretty amazing he can do that" and Big Kid paused in the back seat. "Whaddya doin' all dat talkin' for? I'm twyin' to concentwate. I got to concentwate to do dis da right way."

The kid's vocab seriously cracks me up. Observation, Concentrate/Concentration, Privileges are words I hear on a daily (hourly?) basis.

We saddled up Apache soon after we arrived and I hauled little kid up in the saddle in front of me.

He. was. in. heaven!

He loved every second of it. I nudged the horse into a slow trot, clicking and saying "trot" as I did, and little kid happily squealed "Tot! Tot!" and giggled as we bounced around the ring.

I left the ring and took him on a short "trail" ride around my parents' property and he excitedly pointed to flowers and birds and trees and said "uh-oh" every time the horse sneezed or whinnied.

Finally it was Big Kid's turn and as my dad reached up to take little kid off of the horse, he wrapped his arm around the saddle horn and screamed, thrusting out his bottom lip, leaning his face down near the horse's neck and sobbing as he held on for dear life.

Big Kid wasn't quite as enthusiastic, saying he wanted to "pwactice" but that trotting was scary and he really just wanted to go jump in the pool. Whatever.

We all had fun in the pool. little kid doesn't know that he can't swim, so it can be a challenge to swim with him, but he does enjoy it.

I spent the rest of the evening sitting on the back porch reading gossip magazines, and eating steak and peach cobbler. Hell yeah!

little kid spent the day watering one cactus and amusing my dad. There is Big Kid, reciting the alphabet backwards and adding and subtracting up to 20, and there's my dad interrupting him to delightfully point out that little kid was watering the cactus again.

little kid is at a fun age for any social activity because he loves to give random hugs and kisses and crawl up on whatever lap is available for a snuggle. He is irresistible and so sweet (when he's not being a TOTAL TERROR, as he usually is). It's hard not to give him attention, he demands it.

Big Kid adores my parents' house and started crying when it was time to go home, insisting he would just spend the night. Don't I wish.

I forgot to mention that Big Kid made me a card, all by himself, no help at all, that said "Happy Mothers Day. I love you. Big Kid 2008."

So all in all, a kick ass Mother's Day! I hope you had a good one too!

I've got 4 scary phone calls to go make, but I'll try to be back soon. Wish me luck.


Joy said...

oh good luck with those calls, I have to make a call today to someone who I have already called and left a message for once and they haven't returned my call! So I have to call them again or the tball team won't have a place to practice.

Glad you had a great mother's day, we went to eat at a Japanese habachi place Sat. with the kids they bothed loved it. Then we stayed at a really nice hotel in downtown thanks to the FIL. The kids also loved walking around it cause there was tons to see there. I would have loved had it just been the hubs and I but whatever.

Googling Goddess said...

That sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! What a great day.

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And the rest of the Week. And the Month. And so on. And on. And then it'll be Mother's Day again and time to refresh the process all over again. Every day should be Mother's Day. Hope your scary calls went well.

Sasha said...

OK, I try not to worry about The Politician (he and BK will both be 5 in Aug) but I am getting worried. BK wrote all that on his own?

P is writing his name completely backwards, right to left.

And head over to my blog to see how his homework turned out.

I don't want to be "that mom", but I am really getting worried.....

Anonymous said...

Thought I would post a Happy Mother's day to you! I get annoyed when people don't comment on my blog but then I realized I read you and mamalicious daily and hardly ever here I am commenting! Enjoy Mother's Day Monday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely blissful. We want photos!!!