Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is This What Jesus Would Do?

Well I try not to insult people's religious beliefs (I'm not always successful, but I do try, most of the time), but these particular Evangelical Christians on Jesus Camp have an excellent chance of producing some screwed up adults.

Sorry, but they do.

This is too much intensity, guilt, and pressure for these little kids. Holy crap (pun intended).

I'm watching the abortion scene right now where they put red tape with the word "Life" over the kids' mouths and start chanting about ending abortion in America and how it is their generation's mission to do so. The kids have little plastic fetusus that they are holding and waving around.

They are all crying. They've been crying pretty much the whole documentary.

They are pledging Christian allegiance to God and George W. There is a lot of political talk being preached to these small children.

I remember when I was little we spent a summer in Kentucky with true Southern Baptist relatives of mine, complete with true Southern Baptist revivals. I'm sorry, but that was some scary stuff, all the crying and speaking in tongues and rolling around. It is very intense and confusing for a little person. I remember standing there just BAFFLED because this was not how it went down in my church. In my church, on the happy little island I grew up on, Jesus didn't make people cry. He CERTAINLY didn't want you rolling around in the aisles and screaming. There was no reason to bring your own box of tissues to the church I was used to.

I feel sad for these kids at this camp. That's judgmental of me for saying so, but I'm pretty sure they feel sad for my kids (the heathens) too, so we're even.


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Yikes. And to think I was watching Girls Next Door.

It's the bad Catholic in me.

Melodie said...

I recorded it so I can watch it tomorrow during nap-time. I can say, however, that people who are very extreme about anything are usually a bit looney.
I recently read the book "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop. She was a member of the FLDS and escaped with her eight children a few years ago. Those people have some very strange beliefs, but it's sort of easy to understand how they were so brainwashed when you realize that they basically had no contact with the outside world.

Lipstick said...

Agree. I was scared out of church for a good ten years after attending an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. Now I am a happy and joyful Presbyterian.

Buford Betty said...

Scary... it's people like that that fubar people's perception of Christianity. So sad!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was Southern Baptist? They usually don't believe in speaking in tongues and rolling around and things. Sounds more like a Pentecostal revival service to me.


jenn said...

I missed it last night, but it's been on my Netflix queue for awhile. I'm going to bump it up & watch it this weekend.

It sounds like brainwashing, pure and simple. Programming these kids for political agendas. ICK.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I must find a rerun to watch. I try really, really hard not to get started on religion... I just wrote this EMFLP all about, since you started and not me and all, but I erased it. I'll spare you my rant... Let's just say that it seriously frucked up.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we edit our comments... agh. I left out two 'it's and and 'is' in my comment. I hate that shit.

momtoabean said...

I could not agree more. I love God because Church was fun and I learned about Him and how to be good in His eyes. I was never forced to feel guilty for mistakes or anything like that. I don't get it. Why would they do this to kids?!?
I want my daughter to believe in God, I don't want her to fear Him! Gosh! :)

Maddness of Me said...

I don't want to talk about it, but it rhymes with schmishschmortion.

sorry, I had to :)

Nicole said...

Some one should make a list of the producers names and contact info. For when these kids start to hear Jesus telling them to take it upon themselves to shoot, stab and bomb the heretics.

Anonymous said...

i was watching it last night with my mouth gapping open in disgust. i know they are out there, but it still shocks me when i watch how scary these people really are. those poor, poor kids.

and i LIVE in missouri...in the area *Kansas City* they were filming some of this. oh. em. gee.