Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Kid

is spending the night at Em's tonight.

He needed a little bit of unconditional Em love...I think Vivi has moved on.

The other day we were talking about how he behaves at school when he doesn't get his way and he said, "Like when my Vivi dest wants to pway wif Reese instead of me? I dest do sumtin' else instead. By myself." Hmmm, that seemed sad but strange.

Then on Sunday he said "I can't wait to go to school tomowwow and see my Vivi. But sometimes see doesn't want to pway wif me because I dest wuv her too much. She says sometimes I dest wuv her too much, and den I go pway all by myself."

Wow. How sad.

I suspect he's a bossy little punk these days, because we made the mistake of teaching him to assert himself with little kid.

I also know he has no shortage of friends, so if he's playing alone, it's because his bizarre insistence that "ponies are for gulls" or people are "dest doin' it wrong".

So, he's off for a little Em time, complete with unconditional love and friendship.

He happily ran into their house and made a beeline for their movie cabinet, so he could check out which Baby Einsteins movies she has (I know, he's a total freakazoid.) It's his first real overnight, and he wasn't even sad to see me go. Actually, he seemed annoyed that I stayed for as long as I did.

So wish Em's mom (LK, who needs a new name since so many of you confuse this with little kid) luck...she's going to need it.


Rebecca said...

How about BKFMIL - short for Big Kids Future Mother-in-Law!

Lynda Kay said...

If Em has her way that's exactly what my title would be.. She does love Big Kid unconditionally as he does his Emmers. She's so happy he's here. They are playing hide-n-seek right now-they've been outside for a long time.. chattering like chipmunks & then they just stop randomly for little hugs here &'s too cute! (she's definitely the aggressor though)

Renee said...

I think you could just call LK "Lynda Kay" (is it one name or two?) since we see her name when she posts anyway. :) I hope BK has a great night with Emmers!

-The Renee

PS I don't know what Vivi sees in Reese. Her loss...

Multislacking Mama said...

Someday, LK will get an Em of his own and you can send him off down the street! At least, that's kinda what I'm hoping happens with the LLM. Let's for sure never get LK and LLM together. It would be anarchy.


Maddness of Me said...

Awe. BK has such a big heart.
Usually it's the girls that notice snubs.

He is going to make a great wife some day.

You know I'm just kidding. I love BK and he makes me melt. If I could get a guarantee that I could get a boy just like him, I would sign up in a minute.

Anonymous said...

OMG he already has a girlfriend with a V.V.....OMG!!! Are they teaching sex ed. at that school.