Sunday, May 4, 2008

Political Disturbance

It was my day to wake up with the kids (little bastards got up around 7) and as I enjoyed my coffee, I decided to catch up on the news.

Not a good idea.

Whenever I make myself fully aware of what's going on in our country, I want to move to Canada. Or maybe Australia, Canada is cold.

(disclaimer to anyone who hates when Ashley gets might want to skip this one)

Now before anyone gets in a huff about patriotism, let me tell you that I love my country. I love "America" and the history and constitution upon which she was founded. I love the idea. I love the freedoms it affords me (such as this very post!).

I get misty eyed every time I hear the National Anthem and can't NOT belt out "Proud to be an American", hokey as it is, at every given opportunity. The evening of September 11, 2001, I used shoe polish to paint "United We Stand" on the back window of my VW Beetle.

I love the American flag and everything it symbolizes.

But frankly, it would be unpatriotic for me not to be concerned about the state of things. We really ARE the checks and balances system here and if we turn a blind eye in the name of "Everything we do is right because we are the best", then we are doing our country a great disservice.

I think this is my biggest concern. It seems like everything I'm seeing in the news lately is indicative of a general "dumbing down" of America. As if it's pretty much assumed that we're all powerless sheep who are too busy noticing Miley's bare back to notice what's really going on. As if we really believe that we can put a man on the moon but not provide fuel for less than $3.70 a gallon, or drugs to sustain life that cost less than a Coach handbag.

These are some of the articles that fueled my fire this morning, and if they don't bother you, I would like to know why not:

Capitalism & Medicine Don't Mix Well duh. I was actually thinking about the price of medication this morning. I was thinking of how my Effexor is $100 a month and a lot of times that seems like the easiest place to cut the budget, but money really can buy you happiness, and I always come back around to realizing that it's worth it. But what about the REALLY crazy people? What if they can't even afford their meds?

Both of my bestfriends' fathers are battling cancer right now. Doctors didn't give a crap about LK's father, who had no insurance or savings, until he got hooked up with some private foundation that pays the bills. Friends are holding benefits and forming a booster club to help Catfish's family with the expense.

Can I point out that the last thing any family going through a debilitating illness needs is financial stress on top of it? And yeah I know, these things cost money. But how much profit is too much when people's lives are on the line?

Also, why are drug companies even involved in politics? In theory, their job (supposedly to create medication to help sick people) should run pretty much the same regardless of who is in charge. Right? Right.

Speaking of who is in charge...well you all know what I think. But, the truth is, we are being lied to. All of the time.

This whole thing that came out about the military analysts we see on the news basically being paid Pentagon puppets? That's really disturbing. Why isn't this a much bigger deal than it is being made out to be? This is blatant propaganda, being spoon fed to us as objective journalism. It is an outrage.

And we don't really believe that the DC Madam decided to kill herself by packing her things, moving to her elderly mother's house, and hanging herself in her mom's tool shed...after publicly declaring many times that she would never kill herself and if it ever happens to be suspicious? Because I have a hard time believing it, especially after she hinted that her client list includes D.C.'s upper echelon, maybe even Dick Cheney himself. I guess taking her hunting would've been too obvious...

I also read that we're already having problems with the ballot machines again? Come on. Once again: space travel = possible, accurate counting = impossible. I don't know, call me skeptical.

And I know that I'm a little paranoid, especially when it comes to government and privacy, but the new "federally approved" newborn screening which hands over newborn DNA to the government makes me NERVOUS. Wow. It just seems like something you should have some control over, your kid's DNA being nationally banked. Or you should at least be thoroughly informed about.

Plus, we know that I'm not organized, but how on earth did the White House lose 5 million emails? That's insane. I've got 18223 emails in just one of my inboxes alone right now. They're really pretty easy not to lose. They just sort of stay there. I'm sure the White House could've even come up with a better system than the one I have of just not deleting things, but maybe not. It's a gigantic indicator of either ineptitude or deceit.

And you know I'm going there...

The war? Where the hell is Osama Bin Laden? Best hider ever. How long do we have to be in Iraq before we just adopt it as a state?


I just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, loved it, gained a greater understanding of Afghanistan political history and the Taliban, terrible stuff. Truly.

However, there is genocide occurring in some countries. There are many politically oppressed, war torn countries. Are they next? Is our new policy "Be a democracy, or we'll kill you?" How do we determine what is invasion worthy?

September 11th was awful. 2752 Americans died. As a (direct or indirect) result, 4066 Americans have died in Iraq.

4066 people is a lot, and that's just the "good guys". Think of all of the leftover, heartbroken, affected people they all left behind.

And what about their "good guys", surely some innocent people have died over there, right? Some of the oppressed?

I started thinking about those people a lot when I accidentally came across a photograph of an Iraqi mother mourning her child. This is one of those things that I don't want to link to because it will break your heart and probably ruin your day (if not longer) to see it, but it is a powerful image, and a reminder that real people are dying over this insanity.

Ugh, I just think the whole "our people will kill your people until you submit" way of doing things is wrong.

This did manage to get an amused snort of laughter out of me:

The gas price situation really is getting a little scary, especially in light of the economy.

I'm also tired of all of the election talk. I really think my idea of a reality show is just as practical. Personally, if it came down to something as drastic as "guy that tortures puppies" vs. "war-prone Republican"...I think I'd vote for the guy that tortures puppies. That's my own offensive opinion on the election, and pretty much sums up my voting strategy.

Okay, do we all agree that I shouldn't have to wake up early anymore? Or read the news? It's a beautiful Sunday and I've just made a valiant effort to depress or offend all of us. Sorry 'bout that. That's what I get for catching up on the world.

If it makes you feel any better, it made me feel better to put it all together and get it all out.

We're going to the beach for a family get together with our playgroup this evening. Girl Crush and another friend that I love AND even the original Girl Crush, for all of you way-backers, will all be there, so that should be fun, and I promise I will manage to be socially acceptable and not wacky, anti-government, conspiracy theorist Ashley.

Well, I will probably be a little wacky, but I think that's okay. Especially if there's drinking involved. And isn't there always drinking involved at the beach?


Melodie said...

No more news reading for you! I'm depressed and offended now.
I totally loved the "Support Our War-Based Economy" cartoon. I'm so sick of seeing all of these ribbon magnets all over the place. Spend your money more wisely, people. If you want to support a cause, get out your checkbook instead. Leave the ribbons alone.

Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant post. I love all the links around here lately.

Love your blog!

KatBouska said...

I liked this post. I try to ignore the news and the war as much as possible and skip along my day thinking "welp, I'm sure their doing what's best for us ladeeda". I've read a lot about war torn countries and genocide and it breaks my heart every time. I don't like to think we are causing such grief in other I don't.

Thanks for the lesson. I just wish there was something we could do...

AFRo said...

Oh Ashley! I LOVE this post!!! I try to stay away from the political talk, but in light of EVERYTHING it is so hard... I'd have to stick my head in the sand not to notice.

I had not seen the newborn screening thing. Don't really know how I managed to miss that, but I appreciate you calling it to our attention. It made me that much more confident in my choice for president.

The DC Madam. Yup. She was murdered. DUH. Come on people...2+2=4

I think I'm going to have to take the ribbon and post it in my sidebar. I LOVE IT.

Thanks Ashley for raising awareness and not further contributing to the "dumbing down of America." It is really inspiring. Sorry to have posted a blog in your comments, but this was brilliant. Really.

I hope this one is okay, I see it as totally necessary....

Anonymous said...

Agreed! The Osama bin-Laden thing still leaves me puzzled. Is he really that good at hiding or are we just not trying since we're too tied up invading other countries. And if we really were trying to help the oppressed Iraqis, what about the people in Darfur (there's major genocide going on there)? Are we trying to help people or conquer?

And remember when the dollar was actually worth something?

As for ballots and elections, I still like your tv series voting would be much easier and get a good response. Or maybe we should just go back to check the box yes or no ballots. We were a technologically advanced country; we should be able to handle voting.

Thanks for getting me riled up!

Kira said...

Best. Blog entry. Ever.

Ok ok, so Canada is cold. Move here anyway - you'll climatize. We're bigger, we're less densely populated, and we're on top. Oh yeah - and our beer is stronger. Reason enough, no?

BTW, I can count reading your blog as my daily excercize right? I figure I can get sore abdominals here from laughing so hard or from busting my ass at the gym - I'll stay here thanks. Just don't tell my trainer, Yugi is not so balanced...

Caren said...

Oh Ashley, I couldn't agree with you more. You sure put that into words better than I could have though. I could never be offended by what you just said, it's all so true, so true...

I am a little pissed about the games you told us to check out though, I can't get away from my computer addicting.

Keep up the good work, I just love reading your blog. (When I'm not playing "filler" of course.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Sister! You put it into words the best way I've ever seen


Katie said...

Well, I couldnt love you anymore if I tried after that post!!

On a side note the number of troops killed is actually higher, the figures only show those who die in Iraq, not those who are wounded and die out of the country or commit suicide afterwards ( I can find a figure and source for you if you want one. Also, the number of Iraqi civilian dead is between 80-90 thousand (

Anyway - thanks for spreading the news.

Also, move down here to Australia. The climate is pretty nice, but our government is lacking too.

Melodie said...

LOVE the new LOL cat! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Well written! So good that I submitted it to Your right, more people need to be aware, and be angry.

Your readers should all "Digg" this article and raise awareness.

Lipstick said...

Love your blog as always, especially the yellow ribbon graphic. It always drives me crazy when I see one of those ribbons on an Expedition or the like.

*Cheese* said...

You are awesome, and so right about everything.

Sarahviz said...

I love the way you think.

Jason said...

Hey Ashley,

If you really want to help this country then you would never, ever vote for a Democrat.

High gas prices......Democrats. When will they let us join CHINA in drilling for oil off OUR coast? Yep, China is steady building oil rigs off the U.S. coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Google it, you'll see. Yet, our democratic congress STILL refuses to let U.S. companies drill for oil there. You can add that baron wasteland that is ANWAR too. China is also gearing up to drill off the coast of California...oh well.

Health care? Do you really believe turning our Health Care over to the U.S. government will HELP????? That's just crazy. Go ask some Canadian how they like having to wait for 9 freaking months to have a tooth pulled. But's free. Just get what you pay for. I'm sure you really want Hillary Clinton picking your kid's freaking doctor.....that's the plan. Don't believe me then go read Hillary's 1993 Health Care plan. Free government health care is great.......just don't get sick on the weekend.

Yall keep voting for these Democrats and you will get exactly what you want. A socialist society like France and England where you can have one car instead of two and an apartment instead of a house.

At least the Europeans are starting to wake up. Germany, Italy and France just elected conservative governments. Throwing out the leftest governments that have ruined Europe.

If you want to help this country then don't vote for the two major parties. They both crap all over the constitution and American interests. Vote for Liberty.

Maddness of Me said...

1) voting for a third party politician is how GW got elected, think about that before you throw your vote away.

2) we would never invade Darfur, they don't have any oil.

3) have you EVER, I mean EVER, seen a media news report in Iraq showing US soldiers anywhere near an oil field? Hmmmm, neither have I. Yet, when I talk to people who come back, the oil fields are CRAWLING with US soldiers.

Makes you wonder how edited our news is and why all of Europe thinks we are stupid.

4) I sit right next to a person from Sweden all day long. Her family does NOT have to wait to see a doctor, they do not have to pay anything for health care. She watches what people here go through and shakes her head. There is no need for people to live like this. Anybody who doesn't think there is a better solution needs to lose their job and live it (because they are pampered employees who don't know they have 1 degree of separation from this sadness).

Also, I live near Detroit, which is near the bridge/tunnel to Canada. Which means, there are Canadians working with me side by side. The CRAP you see on the NEWS (news = media) is a fat lie. Their health care system is NOT broken. Ours is. Cuba has better health care than we do and they are considered a third world country.

Detroiters are lucky in the sense that we can cross the border to get meds in Canada for a FRACTION of why we pay on the US side. It's sick.

Seriously, people who pay attention to the republican media machine make me hurl.

Unknown said...

I knew this one would bring crabby ol' Jason out! ;-)

By definition, I'm a Libertarian, believe it or not. I just think that unfortunately, in this day and age, the two major parties are your only option if you want your vote to REALLY count.

Also, I'm not 100% sure about putting healthcare into the hands of the government...I'm just 100% sure that medicine should not be such "Big Business". That maybe there should be some sort of profit cap, or regulations.

Also, I'd rather wait 9 months to get a tooth pulled, than just not be able to afford to get a tooth pulled. Insurance is expensive enough as a small business owner, forget dental benefits.

So I don't know what the answer is, but what we are doing IS NOT WORKING.

I also know that the last 8 years have brought us blatant lies, enormous cost, widespread death and destruction, a devastated economy, and repeated embarrassment. I didn't vote for any of that before, and certainly won't again now that we've seen how badly it went.

Trust me, I like my idea of a non-political "Average Joe" with common sense for president more than any option. I think all politicians basically suck and that even if they want to change things, it's too hard to do.

But, I'd definitely rather let Hillary choose my kid's pediatrician than risk the liklihood of 90,000 more people getting blown to pieces.

Also Jason, about your statement the other day re: little dogs being bred only for cuteness and therefore not being as smart as hunting dogs. Maybe Chihuahuas or those little fluffy dogs, but Dachshunds were bred for badger hunting. So they're smart and cute.


Maddness of Me said...

Democrats are not in favor of drilling for more oil because their is no reason why we are not on alternative energy (other than the last 8 years of Bush taking care of his oil buddies).

There are alternative fuels that don't require starving people by using up all the corn. Thermo technology for one.

Using damn OIL is contributing to global warming. We don't need to turn over more rocks to find it... we need to STOP IT.

Anonymous said...

Funny, smart AND you know how the world works. Love it love it love it!! I couldn't agree more with everything you posted. My husband and I sit on the couch talking about this stuff all the time. Its depressing and makes me sad for our children.

It does make me feel a lot better and more optimistic to know that people just like me realize how effed up the administration is though! Thank you!!

Jason said...


First off, madden, did you notice the latest reports of "global warming" ain't happening. Latest science indicates we are in "global cooling" should last for the next 10-15 years because the sun (we need to get government to do something about that pesky sun) just entered a cycle that will result in cooling. The last two years, the earth has cooled, not warmed. Anyway, enough of the "global warming" nonsense. Once they have brainwashed you, you're done. Latest polls of environmental engineers show that the actual scientists that should know DO NOT BELIEVE WE CAN DO ANYTHING TO STOP GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE. WE ARE NOT THE CAUSE AND DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO CONTROL THE SUN AND OCEANIC CYCLES.

"Alternative energy?" Yeah, right. The DEMOCRATS were the ones PUSHING ETHANOL. They never stopped to think about the results on food prices and the amount of "natural habitat" that millions of new acres of farm land would destroy. Now, they are off the ethanol bandwagon. Most are turning towards solar/wind again BUT wait until these evil corporations start building MASSIVE solar/wind farms. We will once again hear about "natural habitat". The leader of Greenpeace just endorsed NUCLEAR power as the solution.....the same clowns that have fought Nuclear power for over 30 freaking years. These people don't have a frickin clue. Let's see how long the democrats take to support the actual solution (Nuclear).

At least you are smart enough to turn to geo-thermal sources. Of coarse you pick a technology that is decades away from any real economic feasability. Hey, that gives you another 15-20 years to bitch and moan instead of supporting reasonable solutions.

I notice NOBODY addressed the offshore oil that China is drilling and taking off OUR coast because WE CAN'T. Ashley will be real happen when there is a HUGE oil leak off the coast of Florida caused by the Chinese (they don't give a crap about the enviroment at all). When that oil could be extracted by U.S. companies who would be much cleaner and safer doing it.

Hey, vote for Hillary or Obama. They will help solve the problems. Just like the Democratic Congress on the Hill right now. What have they done??? NOTHING!!! They will continue to do nothing. The democrats can pass any law they want RIGHT NOW in the house. Nobody can stop them. Yet, they have passed NOTHING. They won't force the Republicans to stop change because the DEMOCRATS WON'T PASS ANYTHING THAT IS CHANGE!!!! Democrats are all talk.

Anonymous said...

This post kicks ass and so do you. I am so happy I added you to my blog list -

Your new faithful reader:


Unknown said...

Jason, just tell me you're not pro-Bush. Re-establish some of my faith in you. Otherwise, I just don't know where we'll put you on the Ashley's Closet Cruise.

Maddness of Me said... I could not keep reading after the first paragraph. Global warming "ain't" happening.

Amazing. Where do these people come from? Better yet, why would somebody like that be reading the Closet?

I can understand my 90 year old grandfather thinking the earth is flat, but somebody who is actually young enough to logon to the internet and have a gen X name like "Jason".

I have a really really bad feeling that there are enough of these characters around to cause McCain to get elected. If that happens (again), I give up on life. Seriously.

It's a train wreck waiting to happen Ashley.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten through reading all comments yet so if I'm repeating a previously stated sentiment, I'm sorry - but 2 things.

1. I became a U.S. citizen last November and I still get misty-eyed thinking about it. Yet I cannot agree with pretty much anything the government has done in the past 8 years and the possibility of things continuing in that direction just terrifies me.

2. I firmly believe that healthcare is the biggest problem this country faces. It is one of the biggest signs of the lack of social responsibility rampant among those in power. It distorts the employer-employee relationship because employers have way too much power in employees' life and death problems: if you lose your job, you lose your health insurance, or your ability to purchase health insurance. And even if you have a benefits-eligible job, all too often your employer will renegotiate with their insurance provider in a way that ends up hurting you, and in which you have absolutely no say. Which too easily opens the door to exploiting workers, which is totally happening. I rather believe that universal healthcare would cause a shift in all kinds of other areas of politics and the economy too. For one thing, that would take a lot of power out of the hands of overpaid and not particularly conscientious corporate executives and politicians. And a bit less power would mean more accountability on their part.

Jason said...


Don't argue with me over global warming. Go fight with those pesky scientists and their mounds of data. THEY are the ones who, just this past month, released the data showing that we have been "cooling" for two years and that this "cooling" should continue for about 15 years.

Damn Sun and it's natural cycles. Uh, genius, the earth has warmed and cooled in regular cycles for 4 BILLION YEARS. Ever since the last ice age, we have experianced "global warming". Yet, nobody was driving cars or burning coal. How in the world did we ever come out of the ice age?

Only humans, through the power of government, can conquer nature. We are indeed powerful. So powerful that we can stop global climate change if you just use government. Keep dreaming buddy. Guess what...the earth will get warmer. Surprise, surprise. There is nothing we can do about it. This warming will be followed by cooling....there's nothing we can do about it.

Here are the facts. 94% of "greenhouse effect" is caused by WATOR VAPOR (sun heats ocean, water turns to vapor). The remaining 6% is caused by "greenhouse gases" like CO2. Humans release 5% of the "greenhouse gases" that enter the atmosphere each year. Where does the other 95% of "greenhouse gases" come from? NATURE!! You know, elephants farting and volcanoes erupting. The amount of "greenhouse gas" released by humans compared to nature is so miniscule that our part is virtually irrelevant.

Those are FACTS backed up by real scientists.

Maddness of Me said...

AMEN lk! I love you!

Jason - I'm not fighting with you, you are fighting with yourself. I read about 15% of your rant so if it's me you want are targeting, don't waste your time.

Jason said...

You know what I love about liberals/democrats.

If you post some facts, they ignore them. Better to live in fantasy land I guess.

Madden, we both know you read every word but couldn't figure out any way to debate the matter.

Seriously, the democrats can't conduct a primary election without disenfranchising millions of voters (see Florida & Michigan). However, we are supposed to trust them to run the world's most powerful government????

A vote for McCain, Hillary or Obama is a vote for the same thing we have been getting for years. Why yall think any of them would do anything different is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

The other day I saw a bumper sticker that said this:

"Be nice to America or we will bring democracy to your country." It made me laugh and want to cry all at once.

And as more comments are posted on this subject I hope everyone will heed this bit of advice:

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

And yeah, anyone but McCain. I do not want to see WWIII in my or my children's lifetime.


Anonymous said...

I might get kicked out of the closet for it, but I'm with Jason on this one. The global warming scare tactics are a joke. Al Gore needs to be committed, the man is certifiable.

I heart Ron Paul, but as much as I want to vote for him on principle, I can't throw away my vote in a race this close.

Government run healthcare is a joke also. Ever heard of Medicaid? Very few doctors are willing to accept it because they don't get paid enough to hire someone to deal with the all the paperwork. That leaves a few crappy doctors that can't get patients any other way, and they have to see 100 a day just to make a profit (or file a bunch of fraudulent claims). My son was put on a waiting list to get his 6 month shots - we got an appointment 6 months later. Good thing we also have real insurance. And don't even get me started on the crazy fucking bitch of a medicaid doctor that almost killed my 4 year old with a heart and lung condition by pumping him with so much fluids that he went into pulmonary hypertension and literally almost drowned on an IV. All the while saying "this has nothing to do with his heart condition, you need to get over that". Luckily I had enough sense to know better and he was air lifted out to a different hospital.

So we need to get more kids covered on Medicaid? Where are they going to go when they get sick? Oh yeah, the ER, how silly of me to forget how much those doctors love treating stuffy noses and sore throats.

Jason said...


Forget about bringing reality into a discussion.

About your 4 year old, just imagine if he had died as the result of malpractice at one of the new government clinics under our new "national uninversal healthcare plan". You would have NO LEGAL RECOURSE!!! Part of Hillary's 1993 plan would have gotten rid of "malpractice" claims. You know, malpractice claims drive up the cost of healthcare and we can't have that if the government is footing the bill.

Anyway, these democrats can forget about universal healthcare. Simply put, it is not economically feasible. We can't afford the current entitlement programs (SS, medicaid, medicare) much less a new one. Really, we need to be talking about a total overhaul of the ones we already have instead of talking of adding another unfunded entitlement that we can't afford.

Thanks, but no thanks. I don't need some politician in Washington telling me which doctor I have to see and what type of treatments are provided.

Global warming is just a means to an end with these politicians. They want more control/power and try to scare people into giving it to them. ALL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE shows that humans play a minute role in climate change.

Maddness of Me said...

Billions of our dollars go to Iraq each week. Billions. I think I found a way to fund health care.

Also, it depends *which* scientist you listen to on climate change. They don't all speak the same rhetoric.


Unknown said...

Just like the whole terrorism scare was a means to an end in order to finish up the oil war and the Hussein vendetta? All evidence showed that there were no weapons of mass destruction and we were in no immediate danger.

No one's saying that there won't be lies under any administration, but this one has been so damn blatant about their lying.

My main point with the healthcare situation was that pharma companies have no business being in the pocket of politicians, and that since there is no profit in a cure, maybe we shouldn't be looking for one from people looking for profits.

I also said that I'm not sure putting healthcare into the hands of the government is a good idea either, since they manage to fuck up every thing they've gotten involved with anyway.

But certainly there is a way for drugs, or insurance, to be more regulated, available and affordable.

When I had little kid, I was told that if I paid right then in cash it would be $1700. If I paid in payments, it would be $6000. If it was billed to an insurance company, it would be around $13,000. For the same treatment...why is this? How is that even legal? No wonder insurance premiums are sky high.

As small business owners, it's one of our biggest monthly bills and would definitely be the easiest cut to make. And more medicaid DEFINITELY isn't the answer.

I just don't believe that there is no better solution than letting people go bankrupt or die.

Anonymous said...

I'm really digging Jason's comments. It's about time I heard another person that doesn't believe in the whole global warming bullshit. That being said, I do lead a pretty "green" (*cringe*) life anyway so it doesn't affect me at all.

Ashley, you should try reading The Biggest Secret by David Icke. It's some crazy shit. Some of it seems hokey, some of it makes total sense.

Jason said...

Come on Ashley.

Nearly every democrat got up and voted in favor of invading Iraq. Everybody thought he had wmd's. Jeesh, most of the intelligence reports that congress looked at were written while the white house was controlled by the Clintons.

Hell, we sold him the damn things. He used them against his on people. There is little doubt that he did possess them. The real question is....where are they now?

I believe they are in Syria along with his nuclear weapons program. Last week, the CIA revised their stance on Syria's nuclear program. Somehow, they have magically developed a first rate nuclear program in the last 8 years.

If Bush was a liar about the wmd's then so were 95% of democrats, including former President Clinton. I hope you really don't believe these two democrats would pull troops out. Look back in history....politicians always say they will cut and run but once the actual problem falls in their lap, they change their tune fast. Obama and Hillary will keep the troops right where they are....fighting those who want to destroy us.

As for Madden...a scientist can say anything. However scientific EVIDENCE is a stubborn thing. There is no evidence now that humans cause climate change.....there is a ton of evidence that these cycles are natural. Just yesterday, the poor Global Warming community finally had to relent and admit that the Sun's cycles do have an effect on climate change and that oceanic cycles do as well. They had NO CHOICE with the anartic ice cap EXPANDING and global temperatures DROPPING in spite of increased human carbon emmissions.

They now expect a return to global warming once this solar cycle ends in about 15 years. Then, once again, we will have "global warming". What??? No shit, Sherlock. Hey, notice how when the sun heats up.....the earth heats up and when the sun cools off....the earth cools off.

Human carbon emmissions are like a pimple on my ass compared to the real engines that drive climate change.

Anonymous said...

I don't have insurance right now, and the only reason the rest of my family does is because the state pays for it. why? Because they would rather pay the $600 premium than my kid's $4000 a month medical expenses (by way of medicaid if we were to cancel the insurance). That's not a typo. He gets Synagis, the RSV vaccine every month and it costs over $3000 each time. That is appalling.

Drug companies are running wild and rolling in the profits. They disgust me for taking advantage of sick people, and also for keeping women in the dark about what hormonal birth control does to their bodies (and the babies that accidentally get made that can't implant). Don't get me started on that one.

Unknown said...

Well it would take Christ himself awhile to undo the Iraq mess at this point. I have no doubt that the war will continue regardless of who I vote for, but I think with McSame, more war is coming. It's what he knows.

As far as the global warming thing, I am no expert on that. I haven't even seen Al's movie. My concern for the environment stems more from the fact that logistics say we will eventually run out of room for all of the garbage we dispose of, and for the nasty garbage island of sludge out in the middle of the ocean, and the fact we are using toxic and non-biogradable substances for cost and convenience sake.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Madden - I agree, there's a way to fund healthcare, and a number of other things, right there: what we now spend on the Iraq war.

I should have said this earlier: I'm always struck by what Ashley is pointing out - that there's got to be a better way than people going bankrupt or dying because they can't afford healthcare (at the same time as health insurance companies report record profits).

Actually, most doctors favor implementing some form of national healthcare, as per this poll reported on Reuters:

Doctors I know around where I live have told me that they've had all kinds of problems with health insurance companies that are hurting their ability to care for patients. At my OB's office there are big signs telling patients that they are sorry but they can't change a diagnosis when, AFTER a medically necessary test they performed, the insurance company refuses to pay for the test because they don't like the diagnosis. The insurance company would only pay for a different diagnosis. But how can you know you'll get the "right" one (well, actually, the bad one) before you have the test?

Medicaid and government-run health insurance are not the only models for universal healthcare, there are others, such as that in Switzerland, where health insurance is administered by private companies but charges are regulated by the government. Under that system (as under all government-run health insurance systems) one is completely free to choose which doctor one will see, or which hospital one will go to. But it's mandatory to buy healthcare, except if you can prove you can't afford it, and it's only then that tax dollars pay your premiums. The Democratic contenders' healthcare proposals are actually similar to this Swiss model, taking into account the existing U.S. private insurance system of course.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jason - If there are mass graves filled with bodies, then by definition there was some type of weapon of mass destruction.

If he-devil and she-devil want to pull out of Iraq so badly, why don't they go ahead and pull us out of Germany, Japan and everywhere else we are stationed also?

Ashley - yep, small businesses are getting crapped on. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of taxes we have to pay. A lot of which could be done away with if the gov'ment would stop paying people to be lazy. Got 5 kids from 5 different daddies with no child support? no problem, just go to your local social security office and tell them all to sit there and piss on themselves and not do anything they are told, and they will each get a check for $637 a month. yes, I know there are kids with legitimate medical problems that get ssi, my kid is one of them. But the abuse is far greater. do we really have to wonder where all the social security money is going?

Anonymous said...

"My concern for the environment stems more from the fact that logistics say we will eventually run out of room for all of the garbage we dispose of "

I agree, and I'm all for being a good steward of the Earth that God gave us. Can I tell you how much I love cloth diapers? I am all about recycling and reusing, and I can't stand waste.

Maggie said...

Ignore any right wing posters on here. You're onto something. Keep at it.

Melodie said...

Why nothing on your blog? Just wondering.

AFRo said...

*Entering with EXTREME caution* Do you guys think that you are NOT throwing away your vote by voting Democrat or Republican???

Didn't they throw out the entire state of Florida's votes in the Democratic primary? Michigan too?

So, basically if you voted democrat, the DEMOCRATS threw away your vote for you?

You know what they say... Do it once, shame on you. Do it again, shame on me...

I firmly believe that Libertarians are the ONLY way to get us out of this mess, but they've got to have the support of people who actually feel the way that all of you do which is... WHATEVER THE FREAKING GOVERNMENT IS DOING, IT'S NOT WORKING.

Anonymous said...

jennyandcompany writes:

"Got 5 kids from 5 different daddies with no child support? no problem, just go to your local social security office and tell them all to sit there and piss on themselves and not do anything they are told, and they will each get a check for $637 a month. yes, I know there are kids with legitimate medical problems that get ssi, my kid is one of them. But the abuse is far greater. do we really have to wonder where all the social security money is going?"

Actually Social Security money is not used at all for SSI payments. SSI payments are made from US Treasury general revenue funds not from the Social Security trust funds or Social Security taxes. SSI is a welfare payment and means tested as such. Social Security benefits are an insurance program and not means tested.

So jennyandcompany please do not blame all the "lazy" people for depleting Social Security because they are receiving SSI payments. It isn't from the same pool of money and does not affect the continued viability of the Social Security program. If your child receives this benefit you should at least be aware of the source of funds that pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I know that your blog is copyrighted, but this was probably the best thing I have read in awhile.

Seriously, you need to send it in to SOMEWHERE. Unfortunantly, not everyone reads your blog (SHOCKER, I know. Seriously, as the best blog ever, why don't they?)

But, you could get this published. As it should be.

Ashley for President! ;-)

Your Peach loving BHB "friend"

Maddness of Me said...

Thank you jennyandcompany. I have a little sister who has Downs and she gets SSI. Gotta say, I think that is a legitimate entitlement and she isn't exactly lazy. I have no problem with my tax money going in that direction.

Social security wasn't designed in the beginning to be an entitlement, but over the years it seems to have grown into such.

Big difference.

Unknown said...

I would rather my tax dollars go towards supporting the lazy than supporting Bush's Napoleon complex, although obviously neither situation is ideal.

Anonymous said...

Madden - you missed the part where I said my son gets ssi also. I used to work for social services (food stamps, child care assistance and "welfare") and my eyes were opened to a lot of things that I never realized. There are definitely legitimate cases, it's a wonderful thing that we couldn't live without, but there is more abuse than you can possibly imagine.

anonymous - my bad, i was misinformed on the source. thanks for clearing that up - regardless, people are taking advantage of our tax dollars no matter what pot it's coming from.

Maddness of Me said...

I rented my house out (nice house, very nice area) when I got married 8 months ago. Did this because I want to wait out the mortgage crisis, and I am in a position to do it ($950 rent is plenty).

I can't believe how many emails I got off Craig's List from ladies asking if I take 'section 8 vouchers'.

I'm not an expert, but I *think* that is welfare? How many vouchers (kids) does girlfriend get before she can afford $950 a month rent. I dunno.

Just seemed odd.

Anonymous said...

afro - totally agreed, and i hate the stupid media for pretending that ron paul doesn't exist. he was like a breath of fresh air, finally some common sense entered the playing field.

ashley - i am so sorry for the random rants. see, all these things are connected somewhere down the line, and they get all jumbled up in my head and i just start spouting off random stuff that doesn't always make sense! i wasn't disagreeing with you, just attempting to counter the lefties that jumped on. i'm really a much better debater in person.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little past the time to be posting but just a little number that is scary to me: $22,000.00
That's how much my parents paid for insurance coverage two years ago (they are small business owners) before my Father was diagnosed with cancer. This year the coverage went up to $33,000.00 That's just to be covered. Not the other medical bills that aren't covered by insurance...I don't even want to know that number.

Maddness of Me said...

Obviously, politics is a hot button for everyone these days. I'm glad.

I know it gets me going :)

Ashley. Unscripted... said...

OMG. Just found your blog and I am in love.

Life, Love And Lola said...




AFRo said...

Gotta throw this in. Cannot resist.

Social Security Crisis is upon us because the baby boomer generation is beginning to retire. As they come into the system that they've paid into all of their lives, our generation is expected to sustain the number of dollars that they contributed over the years.

However. Our parents discovered BIRTH CONTROL somewhere along the way.

SO... there are basically more retirees drawing than taxpayers to support the system and I suspect it will be bankrupt in the next 5-8 years even though the "official" government release doesn't predict it until 2039.

I just want to keep my money. Let them draw out what they've paid in, but don't make me sustain a system that is destined for failure my entire life so that I don't have shit at the end of it to retire on myself. LET ME PUT THAT MONEY INTO MY OWN PRIVATE RETIREMENT ACCOUNT.