Thursday, May 22, 2008

Loooooong Days

Mr. Ashley is just now on his way home and I'm REALLY questioning my ability to be home alone with the kids all weekend.

In ten years, I've never been home alone. I've left him to go places for a weekend, but he's never left me. What if I get scared? What if I'm lonely? What if I like it so much that I change the locks? (With the kids outside?)

I don't know. It's a lot of work, this parenting stuff. I knew that already but I had no idea that doing it alone was 10x the work. And who knew that adding one kid would feel like adding 14? Because little kid keeps me BUSY.

We used to joke that little kid was born with middle child syndrome. Now I know he's just making sure that it NEVER happens.

I'm really tired just thinking about a weekend alone with the two I have, we definitely don't need a third. DEF-INIT-ELY NOT. Not unless it comes with it's own grown-up.


Anonymous said...

My husband travels for his job, and don't tell him I told you, but it's kind of nice to have the break. Once you get the kids in bed you can have a nice glass of wine and enjoy the silence. It's really not so bad.

Anonymous said...

I second what the 1st poster said. DH is gone alot too. The days are long and hard unless you can get outside (make it beach days :) ) But is it ohhh so sweet when you put them to bed just a little bit earlier than usual and get the remote and veg. I sometimes skip supper and order a pizza when they are asleep. Good luck and have a good weekend.


Maddness of Me said...

I see a pattern here. First, a post about how much LK loves riding horses. Then a post about how the weekend alone is looming.

Is any of this working to get grandma to take him (them) for part of the weekend? he he he.

Mine left for the weekend about 5 minutes ago. The consern for me is that I might get the locks changed so I don't have to clean up after his ass anymore.

We haven't even been married a year yet :)

Stacy said...

Love your posts! They make me laugh so much - you're great!

ATenorio said...

I just realized why my weekends always seem busier than my weekdays... because my husband is home and that means i have an extra "child".

hey, i would be happy to loan you my husband for the weekend. let me know... said...

I love your blog! Take a lot of Xanax - and the weekend will be just fine!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you-it sucks. I think it sucks worse b/c the kids are used to Dad being there, then he's not and it's utter chaos. I feel like such a pussy when my husband goes out of town and I whine, but it makes a huDge difference in the way my kids act. Big props to single mamas, but the whole joint custody thing makes me jealous sometimes. You have them solo for a few days, but then you get SILENCE while they're with Daddy. Is that bad of me? To envy divorcee's?
Anyway-hope you survive. Benadryl (for them) and Booze (for you) or vice versa...
We're rooting for you.

PS-I can't believe Murph is so big. What are you feeding that weiner?

morewineplease said...

I am right there with you on no more kids after #2.. our youngest Diva is turning 3, which I pray to GOD is easier than age 2.. My hubby wants another, it would put me in a mental institute!
Make LOTS of plans this weekend! Time will fly!

Anonymous said...

I just spent a week and a half alone with my three kiddos due to Hubby working. It sucked but it was actually kind of cool in the end knowing that I could do it, by myself. The kids got used to the daily routine of duct tape, dark closets, and moldy mac and cheese, so all was well (JOKE!).

Life, Love And Lola said...

My plan for you:

1. Stock the wine rack.
2. Go purchase some Fergie DVD's to keep little kid amused.
3. Send big kid to Emmers.
4. Plenty of drugs.

Melodie said...

LLL, you've got the best plan yet! It totally covers everything, and BK can get a little lovin' from a girl who isn't interested in other boys.

Multislacking Mama said...

Xanex, yes. You may not remember the weekend even happened!

My DL used to work every single weekend. I would have the girls every single weekend to deal with all alone, and most week nights too.

My LLM has stepped up her game, as she is turning 2 in July. I have been wondering (out loud) for at least 2 months why we even had kids, much less 2.

DL reminds me that it was my idea (both times). That's fucking rude.

I wish I could have been there for you. We could have had beer and Xanex all weekend long.

Hope Mr. Ashley is home by now and that you have survived.