Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hair Appointment Today

I don't think I'm going to mention the pissed on book just yet. I'll just say I haven't finished reading it yet and I'll fess up next time.

I'm already having a little anxiety because it's haircut time again. Generally, I do it twice per year. Once where I tell them to take a few inches off because it's summertime and it's gotten too long, and then once 6 months later when I've recovered from whatever they did last time, and am hyper vigilant about how much they take off.

Unfortunately, it's time to take some length off again. I always hold out hope of some magical, wonderful cut that makes my curls perfect, but it hasn't happened yet. And they ALWAYS go shorter than what I was picturing. It just looks best grown out, but not this grown out.

I'm not adding the stress of admitting my dog pissed on a borrowed book to all of that. I'll just have to have an extra glass of wine while I'm there to calm my nerves.

I am looking forward to escaping Potty Training Hell though. Even if I have to lie to people and have my hair chopped off to do so.


the mom said...

I'm a twice a year(ish) hair girl myself. These curls will do that to you!

Have a great time, don't think about the book at all.

Anonymous said...

post yourself a bottle of wine and let all of your worries go...that's what I always say!!!

jenn said...

Tip them really well this time, and tell them about the book next time!

Jill said...

Hey, at least they serve WINE with your haircut. My salon has a coffee bar and the damn thing is always CLOSED when I go. hee-hee

Maddness of Me said...

I have curly hair too (really curly, but I can blow it straight if I want). It's the strawberry blonde variety. I came across this stuff called Ouidad climate control. It defines my curls nicely.

My hair is pretty thick. I have to get it cut so she can thin it out like every 8 weeks.

I'm jealous you can go twice a year. I - would be a bush.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to do a Britney and chop all mine off (no offence to Britney lovers, I too feel the paps have gone crazy and should lay off). Anyway, perhaps cutting all my hair off is my way of cleansing myself. Potty training is only purgatory . The real hell is trying to make the transition from potty to toilet. Although it's a bit late for the no hair, no tolerance approach in this arena, I'm hoping the army cut will show my son who's boss.

LTYM said...

The last time I got my hair cut, it was at a hip salon from a guy who looked like Disco Stu who snapped at me for not sitting up straight and therefore making him cut my hair "all crooked like, y'all", so now I'm considering SuperCuts. Oy.

Hair Girl said...

Hair typically grows 1/2 inch per month, so if it has been 6 months=3inches of growth. When do you like your hair best? one month ago, 6 weeks?
You can answer your own question on how much to take off.

It is what I always ask my 2x a year clients-"How long has it been since you loved your hair?"
Their answer tells me where to cut!

Unknown said...

We can all relax, it looks great, she totally knew what I was saying and was careful with the scissors. I lookz good!

Bulge head (I feel weird calling you that), little kid went straight to the toilet because that's how we roll at the Ashley house. We don't poop in what is essentially a bucket and wait for mom to clean it out. We climb our pudgy little asses up onto the toilet and poop like normal people do. So I'm already in real hell, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Good news that your do looks good. I could have written your post myself about going twice a year because it takes that long to recover from the too-short cut. That is always my story. I finally found someone who actually didn't cut it too short, but then I realized I looked like a hippy because I wasn't getting enough cut off. Damn curly hair.

To Hair Girl: I could not give you a month when my hair looks good. It's more like it looks good a few times a month, and I have no idea why or how to duplicate it. Today is a good day, but who knows when it will happen again!