Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life Wants Stuff

Delightfully, I slept until 10:30am this morning! I think because loud mouthed Big Kid was out of the house, or maybe because I had sweat soaked nightmares all night and needed more sleep so it would count as resting. Regardless, that was nice.

I guess Mr. Ashley called Em's house this morning to check on Big Kid. Upon hanging up, LK told Big Kid that his dad had just called.

Big Kid: I'm not goin' home. Tell him not to pick me up.
LK: Oh, he was just calling to check on you.
Big Kid: I'm not gonna go home yet. I'm not ready. Tell him to stay dere.
LK: No one is coming to pick you up yet, he just wanted to see how you are.
Big Kid: Okay, dest so he knows I'm not comin' home yet. I'm not ready.

So I guess it is going well. Around 10pm last night, Big Kid walked up to LK, gave her a hug, told her he was really tired, and put himself to bed. He has been cracking out on their Baby Einstein collection, but otherwise the whole event seems like it has been pretty painless for everyone involved.

I have a maternity shoot tomorrow afternoon, a family beach shot Saturday evening, senior announcements and prints to order, and the laundry couch isn't even identifiable as a couch anymore...more like a couch shaped pile of laundry. Also, my pantry STILL isn't put back together. (I know, that last part is embarrassing to admit.)

Most importantly, I have so much in my brain to get out to you all, that I feel as if I'm going to burst. I have to tell you that I'm going green (and you are too, I know it sucks, we're busy, we don't want to, but it is time), about several great new products I've encountered, I STILL want to show you the pics from Catfish's dad's benefit and believe it or not, Em's birthday party (Yeah, that was January), I still want to share my Real Housewives opinions and various other outdated opinions I know that you are dying to hear.

It's like I need a whole week JUST to blog.

But my clients and the laundry couch and my sleep schedule (I've been going to bed at human times lately, this is very inconvenient for the closet), don't understand that I NEED some freaking time with you all.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking of waking up, and cleaning for ONE HOUR STRAIGHT. Yuck. I know. I like my 15 minute increments better, but they are getting me nowhere quick. Maybe if I can catch up on crap around here in a major way, I can have at least one day next week of doing nothing but sitting on the couch and talking to you all.


Life, Love And Lola said...

It's not easy being green...I'm trying too. Can't wait to hear about the new products.

Joy said...

Can't wait to hear about your green ideas.

I have gone a tiny bit-I send cans into my son's school to recycle for money for them, I bought reusable bags for the grocery and we are growing our own garden!

momtoabean said...

Um, so like, does lk sleep in?? My demon gets up at 5:30-6:00 EVERY day! I'm so jealous that I had a hard time making it through the rest of the post. Wah!

Heidi (I normally don't sign in)

so tired said...

If you spend one whole hour cleaning, don't spend it all on one thing. If you invest that much time on something, it is really upsetting when your children destroy it.

I cleaned the bathroom really well the other day. I scrubbed the floor with a powder detergent and got in the nooks and crannies with my sonic scrubber. The next day when my son woke up with his morning wood, he misfired in the bathroom and peed on the sparkling clean floor. There goes the sparkling clean grout.

Margaret said...

I'm going green, too---can't wait to hear about the products!

I also can't wait to read your opinions about Real Housewives. It's my new favorite show...Ramona sucks!!

Sasha said...

I spent 1 hour cleaning my bathroom, but that was only because a bottle of nail polish shattered and wet red polish got in the toilet bowl, on the toilet seat, shower door, wood door, carpet on the other side of the door frame, door frame, tile, grout, etc.

And I still didn't get it all up.

Anonymous said...

cleaning tip: don't jump all around, stick to a certain task finish it before going to a different area. This method is actually very efficient and quicker...I constantly tell myself "wait not the next room yet you aren't done here!"

Anonymous said...

I do the one room at a time thing too. I get too overwhelmed and end up wandering around if I try to clean the whole house. I have one room a day and make it spotless before I'm allowed to be lazy. I also do 1 or 2 loads of laundry a day - this keeps it under control without having too much to put away.

going green is addictive - cloth grocery bags (that I just gathered up from around the house), cloth napkins, cloth diapers, cleaning with vinegar. I'm always asking, what else can I change? The best part - saving money!

morewineplease said...

I thought I was the only one with a laundry couch!! This is such good news and makes me feel like I am not such a slacker... There must be many others with laundry couches! Its like the elephant in the room.

AFRo said...

Maybe we could start planning that cruise. I need it...