Wednesday, May 7, 2008

re: The Book Deal

Whenever I start talking about how to make money, you all start talking about a book deal. Which is all well and good, I am honored that you would all read such a book.

I just don't really want to write a book.

What would I even write a book about? It sounds like a lot of work, and like it would keep me from you.

I would rather just make money doing this, and it be considered "writing". This is more fun for me, and much easier, plus I like that it's a constantly changing sort of thing.

And don't forget...I wrote that series of short children's stories with the main character based on Big Kid, and never sent them anywhere. I just reread them the other day and they're still really good. But who even knows where to start with that sort of thing.

It would really suck to write a long book and then not know what to do with it.

Ideas I did like: having a store or making you all give me a dollar.

Maybe I will refuse to post until another $10 (or whatever, make it $20) is raised. So really you'll all control how much I post. Like a pay per post sort of thing.

As great as the whole "get a lot of readers, advertisers will start throwing money at you" theory sounds, it's not as easy as that, believe it or not.

And suspiciously, Blogher ads says it takes 30 days to process an application, but I applied several months ago. I even followed up a few weeks ago...nada. Whatever, I can take a hint.

So, continue brainstorming, but don't be waiting on the edge of your seat for a book or anything.


Mandy Mae said...

I sent you an email I got from something or other that "connects bloggers and advertisers". It's from "the people who brought you the Blogger's Choice Awards" so it must be legit, right?

KatBouska said...


To whom shall I make the check out to??

Joy said...

So when you figure out how to make all the money please be sure to share it with us. Hubs wouldn't have a problem with my blogging if it was bringing in the cash.

Wendy Baubach said...

I am for a book deal ...u have a great thought process....a lot of humor......a lot of thought...u have every making to it...I believe in u ...u have made me laugh when I felt no laughter......u have made me remember when there was no remembrance...u can do this with it....what do u have to lose?????I'm backing you....

Solei said...

I surely hope this is just you brainstorming a way for you to make money doing something you love and not an if I don't start making some money off of this I have to stop doing it type of deal. "cause I heart you soooo much Ashley. I just looooooove reading your blog. And besides, I'm addicted to you. You just can't stop. think of the withdrawal I'll have. Could you seriously live with the guilt?
Nah, just kidding. I know you're not quitting on us. you're just creatively seeking ways to bring home the bacon, and I'm with ya. So I'll be more than happy to send you my share. Just tell me where to and the dollar will be on its way.

You do accept rolled up pennies, don't you?

Renee said...

I think one of the book ideas was to just print up a bunch of your best blog posts. Maybe you could do something where you mostly use stuff that's already written (from here) but add in some other mommy-related stuff and make it like a Funny Guide to Motherhood or What to Expect as a FTM or something like that. I don't know. I still think you should move forward with the kid books. Why not send one somewhere and see what they say?

-The Renee

AFRo said...

I think your photography is amazing. I know it's not usually as fun as hanging out with all of us, but I think you've got a great thing going and obvious talent. (Aside from the writing of course)

Maybe you should start a photo blog. You're already famous, why not capitalize on it by exposing the real money maker a little more?

Tater Mama said...

Hmmmm ok well yes I would consider paying per post but we would have to establish some ground rules first. Like what would be considered a payment worthy post? Let me say I love all your posts and you are a bright spot in my otherwise dreay life. That being said I don't feel I should have to pay for any posts less than 5 paragraphs. Also, although fun, I would not pay for any posts where you just post random links -- not really a lot of work involved there so no money from me. Oh and will there be some sort of bundle deal? Like instead of paying $3 per post can I just pay a monthly fee of say $20? Of course for a monthly fee I would expect a minimum of 60 quality posts. And of course I have to know do you accept coupons? Oh and it just occurred to me would my monthly fee also support your sister wife or would that be an extra $20 a month?

Anonymous said...

Why not submit the copies of the Children's Books to a publisher? I know, easy for me to sit here and say.

Slacker Mama said...

I think "book deal" could be a compendium of essays. You know, fleshing out some of your blog entries could work.

Maybe you could even pick some of your favorite bloggers to write an essay or two to cut down on your workload.

Just think...your book title could be "No Wire Hangers! Essays from Ashley and the Mamas in her Closet"

Anonymous said...

Ooh, figure out how to get the cash and the weed... I'm still ready to sign up for blogging with the cheeba.

Anonymous said...

I love The Renee's idea! And, I would gladly send a few dollars, if you do start charging.

Anonymous said...

The book should be a collection of your an Ashley's Closet thought for the day kind and it could be a 365 day book where each date of the year has a different, funny posting of yours. That way you wouldn't have to write anything new. Just reinvent the wheel.