Sunday, August 31, 2008

1 Heart, 2 Suicides, 1 Widow

Not the best written article, or even very easy to follow, but still pretty interesting:

2 men and 2 suicides; but both had the same transplanted heart - and the same widow


Sara said...

That wife either has very bad luck or a very slick trigger finger.


Melodie said...

I read this article last night. Seems very interesting. It makes you wonder if it was a coincidence, if it was cellular memory that caused the suicidal tendencies, if she pushed them both to it, or if she was more involved than that. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm."

amyblue said...

i just came to post the same thing. i'd say she's more of a black widow.

Mama H said...

That was like reading a soap opera. YIKES!

schmeep said...

My head was spinning from the awkward writing style of this article. However, I think it's just explaining how being married to a borderline woman makes you want to kill yourself. That someone got a job as a journalist with this kind of writing makes me kinda angry. Not borderline angry, though.

Anonymous said...

You're right...this article is written very badly. It's horrible that people who write like this call themselves journalists. What is wrong with them? Just as an example, in the middle of the article where all the redneck connections are profiled, who's married to whom is hard to tell. I found another article about this matter that has an easier-to-follow middle section, and I'll paste it here:
"In 1988, Mr Terry Cottle was living with his wife and their two young daughters in South Carolina. Mr Cottle’s boss had a daughter, Cheryl — a petite beauty with auburn hair and hazel eyes.
Mr Cottle met and fell in love with Cheryl, who had recently had her three-year marriage annulled on grounds that her husband was married to someone else.
Mr Terry Cottle later divorced his wife, and nine days after it was granted, in May 1989, he and Cheryl were married."

Anyway, interesting story.