Friday, August 22, 2008

Outsourcing little kid

So today when I picked little kid up, he smelled different.

He smelled ethnic.

It's a smell I remember in certain houses when I was in real estate, maybe it's curry?

Well, you say, rolling your eyes, she was probably cooking with curry.

Nope. The house didn't smell like curry. Not at all, but he reeked of it.

I think she's outsourcing her daycare duties. It's the only explanation I can come up with.

He seems happy though and I think she loves him, and in all honesty, as long as I'm getting work done, we're cool, mysterious smells and all.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that my biggest issue with sending Madden to daycare when she was a baby was the fact that she'd come home smelling like some other woman's lotion. Like she was cheating on me or something. It wasn't curry, but it was some sort of vanilla bath and body works bullshit odor that I was pretty much repulsed by.

The nice thing is that in a few months you won't even notice. The bad thing? In a few months you won't even notice. As long as LK comes home free of black eyes and has all appendages, you're set.

Mama H said...

Is he walking around the house saying, "Tank yoo fur calling Delltoodaye. Eees yur compooter geeveeng yoo probleem?"

That, combined with the curry smell, might be a sign of something...


Anonymous said...

I remember this. When my little kid was a baby he went to a daycare center (he still does!). Anyway, I would bath him right when we walked in the door those first six months. I could not stand the providers scent on him. Must be a weird mom thing. Now he just smells like a dirty kid. I prefer dirty kid smell to daycare lady smell. :)

Mary Beth said...

I was thinking along the same lines as mlatulip...maybe it's either the lotion that she uses or possibly a scented soap that he may have washed his hands with. Although I can't imagine having lotion or soap that smells like curry!

Joy said...

Mama h's comment made me seriously Laugh.

I had a lady that did some alterations for me and her house reaked of what I assume was curry. I was so afraid I would walk down the isle of my bff's wedding and everyone would say "what's that smell"

Jennifer said...

I bet that little stinker got into her pantry and dumped some spices.

Anonymous said...

sometimes kids just smell weird i have twins and sometimes one smells ethnic as you say and the other one does not. But they are always together. it could be that the food you gave him the night before is coming out in his sweat so if you gave him anything with garlic and onions that could be the smell.