Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

So I did my drug test this morning, went and got the form to take to the lab, stopped at Starbucks to treat myself to some coffee, pulled into the parking lot of the lab, and spilled almost all of the venti sized hot coffee right in my lap.

Oh, I was ticked. It hurt and I was afraid the drug testing people would be even more likely to treat me like a criminal if I walked in there looking like I've just peed my pants and smelling like I've been on a Caramel Macchiato binge. Fortunately, they were unfazed and weren't mean like the last lab. They just seemed bored and got my smelly self out of there quickly.

After that I had to go to the office to pick up some equipment and I was gagging at the smell of me. Did I mention that I was in Mr. Ashley's car and the A/C in it went out? So I was hot and wearing coffee sodden jeans. I decided to hell with this and stopped at the mall first and bought myself new jeans first. Same exact pair, Gap Long & Leans, in a 6 instead of an 8. So the drug test cost me $60, but the retail therapy did do me some good.

I've decided to postpone the pirate party until next Saturday because it's been raining for weeks and hurricane Gustav is out there in the Gulf, and I've just been too busy to get everything done anyway so I'm going to use the very high chance of rain as an excuse to put it off and give me a week longer.

Big Kid is in love again and hopes his beloved can make it to the party if we switch dates, since she couldn't come this week. Her name is Destiny and the other day he came home and wrote her a note that said, "Dear Destiny, Do you want to walk to class with me?"

How cute is that? He's so proud of his newfound ability to walk himself to class with no adult help that he's offering his services as an escort. Unfortunately, she rides the bus, so of course he wants to ride the bus now too, but it's not happening. I know the kinds of things that happen on school buses. No way is my baby getting on a bus, not even for Destiny.


the rural rube said...

Awww....c'mon. Let the BK ride the bus. Of course, my girls are going to be first in line to catch their bus just as soon as they're big enough.
(Glad your urine test went well today, if you can call it that...seeing as how you dumped your coffee in your lap. I can picture the whole event actually.)

Melodie said...

If you want more reasons to keep BK off the school bus, read my most recent post on my blog.

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Don't you mean "with Destiny"? BWAHAHAHA-sorry, couldn't resist a Gawd awful pun...

Joy said...

Oh girl I will NOT be putting my kiddo on the bus any time in the near future. There are big kids all the way up to 8th grade on there! NO WAY NO HOW.

I will continue to curse the amount of traffic in the car rider line this year as opposed to last year, WTF everyone else needs to put their kid on the bus!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely refuse to put my kids on the bus also. I also KNOW what happens on there. Not for my babies, no way!