Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Tropical Storm Fay,

Summer is over.

Summer is so, so over.

I am done with summer and I am done with Stay-at-home-momdom and yet you prolong the torture with your appearance.

I am very tolerant of tropical storms normally. One could even say I am fond of them; everyone gets the day off, they aren't as scary as hurricanes, and everyone ends up grilling their freezer contents since the power is out, and getting drunk since they know they aren't driving anywhere.

However, your timing really sucks. These kids are making me crazy, today is the longest day ever and I only have tomorrow to look forward to. Tomorrow in a claustrophobic, hurricane-shuttered house with two whiny kids and the possibility of no power or God forbid, no internet.

I have had nothing to do, nothing at all urgent YET this year and on the week I leave SAHMdom for a kick ass job, and my kids leave this house to be handled by professionals, here comes you.

So, make it quick, make it easy, no power outages, no flooding, school starts on Wednesday and not a second later.

Not one second.



Life, Love And Lola said...

Feeling your pain!

Melodie said...

Let's hope that the power at the schools doesn't get knocked out so they have to cancel school again on Wednesday. That happened to us back in 2004 with Hurricane Frances, which was only a tropical storm by the time she crossed our path, the my kids missed two extra days because there was no power at their school.

MediMonsters said...

Fay is confusing everyone!! There is a new model floating around that says it will go into Florida, out into Atlantic, u-turn back across central Fl, into the Gulf and then over to Miss/LA border??????????? WTF is that?? Hope it doesn't cause too many problems for you this week!! Love your blog!!

Mitch said...

Fay sucks. But my office so politely decided to close tomorrow so at least I get a day off. Got the wine. Got the kids entertainment. Now I just hope my idiot neighbor's lawn furniture doesn't fly through my front window.