Friday, August 22, 2008

Miss You

I'm so tired! I've been doing all kinds of running around and working. I miss you guys and have so much to comment on. Gwen's baby name?? Sucks ass. One of the stupidest names ever, for realz. I want to elaborate but I'm all talked out.

Also, a couple of your comments literally made me LOL and there are several I wanted to respond to. Wellies are what the cool kids call rain boots. I am not personally concerned about alligators, but that's a good point and I bet they are just wandering all over the damn place now. I haven't heard back from the principal and if I remember I'll share the letter.

Okay that's it, seriously. I'm tired. Good night.


Portia Cason said...

Gwen-most ridiculous name ever AND she let her son have a play date with...Britney Spears' children, WITH BRITNEY WATCHING THEM. I'm hoping it's hormones cuz I really like her.

Unknown said...

I agree, awful name! And the 1st kid has a decent name.
Hope things work out at school!
I enjoy your blog.

merrick said...

What the hell were they thinking oh that right they werent .. I mean I like bob marley too, but not enough to use his middle name for my child .. kingston I can take, but this is over the top bad ..