Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

All of you who had faith that I'd pull it were right!

I didn't make those awesome cookies though. Right after I discovered my dilemma, I remembered this lady that I kept running into online. There were like three different occasions/websites I've encountered her and I remembered that her cookies were cute, so I looked her up again and she actually lives within driving distance. Totally meant to be.

The cookies were PERFECT. I had kept warning Big Kid that they would not be identical to the Nick Jr. cake and he was worried about that. When we saw them, he was amazed by how good they were! They taste seriously good too, I can't stay out of them, none of us can.

My cake creation was quite an adventure and my volcanoes leave a little to be desired, but it got done. I've been eating the leftovers all day long.

I can't say enough good things about this baker though. She actually has an Etsy store called A Sugar Affair and she ships cookies and treats too. I've heard good things about her online business, I was just super lucky to live close enough to meet her somewhere, and that she was nice enough to sympathize with the whims of an almost 5 year old. So bookmark her, I was glad I did.

Before he went to bed yesterday, Big Kid gave me a hug and said, "Today was my best birfday ever." He's so worth spoiling.


Melodie said...

Good job on the cake! Way to pull it off on such short notice, too.

BK is so worthy of spoiling, because he is just too cute. And, as long as he keeps remembering to thank you for all of the effort you put into making his dreams come true, you have no reason to stop.

Unknown said...

I was waiting to see the cake. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Great job. Love the cookies. Now ds wants lizard ones for his birthday. Thanks for giving him the idea - lol!

Maddness of Me said...

Actually, I think those cookies look just like the Nick ones.

At first I was wondering what was up with that purple dinosaur on top (and what is that he is jumping on), but once I went back and looked at the Nick cake my mind got out of the gutter and I realized - good job!

Seeing that chocolate has given me a serious craving tho.

Thanks for the etsy link. I'm sure I will use it at some point. I hope she gave you a discount for the referrals!

Anonymous said...

I too was waiting for that pic. Good job Ashley!

Jess said...

Very cute! Good job, momma! I <3 it!

Life, Love And Lola said...

That cake rocks!

Joy said...

Oh yea I am so glad you got it done we all really knew you could, OK I know I told you to call Publix but still I has faith you would pull something great off:)

Sasha said...

Now I want some cake for breakfast.

Multislacking Mama said...

YOU MADE THOSE COOKIES? You are full of talent. Talent at every corner. I might hate you if I didn't lurve you so much and we are still getting married soon. Don't think I have forgotten.

I'll be bringing Xanex to our future.


Unknown said...

Holly...I didn't make the cookies. Did you take your Ambien too early tonight? I even gave the name and website of the baker. It's a good thing that I love you for your beauty and not your brains ;-)