Sunday, August 17, 2008


Remember how Big Kid was hoping his new teacher looked like his new doctor, with straight, brown hair in a ponytail?

Well, we met her on Friday and he couldn't have custom ordered someone to fit the bill more perfectly. If his doctor was ten years younger, she'd be his teacher. Their last names are even only off by a few letters. It's uncanny.

I told her how fortuitous the whole thing seemed and she promised to wear her hair in a ponytail often and thought the whole thing was hysterical. I really like her, she's young, funny and energetic and the class room is really nice. I'm excited for Big Kid, I think he's in for a great kindergarten year.

I'm a little nervous for little kid. Thursday the boys stayed at Em's house and little kid sobbed as I left. "Mum-mum, no, mum-mum." He gave Em's mom a run for her money all day long, reminding her how difficult my day to day life with him really is, and everyone was happy to see me at pick up time.

little kid didn't let me out of his sight the rest of the night. More than that, he didn't let me out of his reach all night. I had to go to the bathroom once and he cried "Mum-Muuuuuuum" the whole time. Otherwise, he sat on me like a warm sack of potatoes, rubbing his hair against my mouth and turning around to squeeze me in a hug every few minutes.

If he's like that at Em's house, whose family he knows and loves, how's he going to be about me dropping him off at a stranger's house?

It has to happen though. I've got to kick ass at this job.

So his first day will be Tuesday, which is the same as Big Kid's first day, or should be if this damn tropical storm manages not to hit us. I just need things to settle down and get on schedule, tropical storms aren't on my schedule.

Today we went to the waterpark because Big Kid has been waiting all year to turn five so that he could go down the water slide. Every time turning five has been mentioned, he has reminded us that he'll be old enough to go down the slides. After much excitement and a little bit of nervousness, we walked up to the gates...and discovered that they changed it from 5 years old to 48 inches.


Big Kid was a champ about it. He was a little annoyed, but after we told him it must be for safety reasons, he understood. We call him The Safety Patrol, he's serious about safety. I was sort of ticked though, I remember going down water slides with my parents when I was little. Also, it doesn't seem fair to discriminate against the short and slow-growing like that.

Oh well, we had fun anyway.

Let's hope Tropical Storm Fay doesn't interrupt my week or inconvenience me in any way. I'd be fine with this in a few weeks from now, because hazardous weather and the preparations that come with it can be fun, but not now. Not this week. We've got school and a job to start!


Melodie said...

Amen to Fay staying the hell away! My girls start school tomorrow, and it's Emily's first year of middle school. It'll be hard enough on her adjusting to the new school without having a "hurricane day" the second day.

Good Luck to Big Kid, little kid, and of course, you, too, on Tuesday.

Mitch said...

Yes, Fay needs to technically stay away. But is it bad of me to wish for a little bit of Fay so that it can generate enough needed work for the construction workers (aka, my husband) that are desperate for work around here? I know selfish, but I also know a few teachers who are hoping for a hurricane day because they haven't been given enough time to prep for the school year.


Mitch said...

Oh, and I meant to add --

lk will eventually adjust. It took Chay 6 months. But he's found his favorite teacher now, and he's a little flirt. You can't get between him and his girlfriend now.

But, when its evening time, I can't get either of them off of me. So you'll never get over that!

Joy said...

Wyatt gets caught with the weight restrictions-he tried to do some space walk type thing at the science center the other day, but unfortunatly he did not weigh 50pds.

I hope he loves kindergarten as much as my little man did and I am pretty sure lk will have them wrapped around his little finger on day 1.

KatBouska said...

Just be sure that when you say goodbye to lk, no matter if he's crying to commit and LEAVE. He'll settle down within a few minutes...I have parents that give a thousand hugs and say good bye over and over, it just makes it difficult for all of us. He'll do great!

Melodie said...

You can have Fay all to yourself. She's aiming right for me right now, and I don't want any of her.

Anonymous said...

I'm part of the "I Hate Fay Club" too. We were so hoping to go camping this coming weekend, and with Fay lurking and promising to spread wind and rain all over everything, it's just not going to happen. Stupid Fay.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Hey... I was thinking about you and Fay. I was swinging by to say that I hope you stay safe, but now I have to add to that and say I hope little kid keeps it together with his new sitter.

Maddness of Me said...

I think this is going to be good for lk. If he is that attached, then he probably needs to spread his wings a little.

Tough love hurts you more than him, just keep telling yourself that.

Joy said...

I agree with Kat she does know what she is talking about. Just leave already I want to say some mornings.

Mitch said...

Now that Fay is looking to have a direct hit over our county, I've checked the bravado at the door. Stay away, Fay! I've now joined the Fay haters of the world.