Saturday, August 23, 2008

Funny Stuff

READ reviews on a Borat-esque mankini. Scarily, I think at least one of them was serious.
BEST homeless guy sign ever. Or in a while. I'd give him a buck for creativity.
Oh Lawd. That's all I got. It speaks for itself in a major way
Eating people doesn't give you their memories.
Fight Apathy. Did I share this with you all before? Who cares. I love it.
Funny photos with unexpected backgrounds.


This Mom said...

Okay the cake one is going to give me nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Nice to end a quiet Saturday on a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Sad & funny at the same time, the guy w/ the sign is a BLOGGER.

Julie H said...

Those are great!

Mel said...

Oh MY GOSH! I was freaking rolling around with tears coming out over the Cake Wrecks blog. Some of that stuff is just so hilarious. The Olympic Rings one? Oh my. And the E.T. U.C. one? I almost peed my pants!!

merrick said...

The cake pic was hysterical .. where was her mother when she picked out that cake .. my mom would hit me upside the head if I had that type of monstrosity at my wedding ..