Friday, August 29, 2008


My work email is internet based (for now, supposedly I'll have network access one day and it won't be this way) and it times out about every 10 minutes as a security feature.

I swear I spend far more time logging in (two different places, extra secure) than I do checking or sending emails.

It's making me a little crazy.


TentCamper said...

I hate that.. My website does that when I log in to update things. I get kicked off evey freaking time!!!!! makes me mental.

Melodie said...

10 minutes? Seriously, that is nowhere near enough time. I wonder who the idiot that came up with that is.

merrick said...

Isnt there a way for you to change the timeout for each session? I think if you go to properties or setup of your account on the internet server, you may be able to change it .. I used to have godaddy and i was able to increase the length of time between timeouts