Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Big Kid spent the entire evening circling my new laptop, eyeing it greedily.

"The screen is so bright compared to my other laptop," I said to Mr. Ashley.

"I can turn dat down for you. Do you want me to turn it down? It's real easy, I'll do it," Big Kid piped up.

"No. You can't touch this computer ever. It is only for my work, not for playing. But will you turn the monitor on my other laptop up for me? I don't know how."

"No. I dest want to help wif your new computer. Dat's da one I like."

Yeah, I bet. Back off vulture. It's mine. I got something nice for once.

I'll have to hide the fact that I have the ability to get on the internet anywhere, or that my phone can now get online, or his little brain will just explode with the possibilities.


MediMonsters said...

He just wants to touch it mom!!! HEHE

Anonymous said...

"Dat's da one I like".

Too cute!
Of course IT is, it's the one Mom's using.

Katie Ryan said...

No, I don't let my kids ride the buses either.

merrick said...

Being a mom means that whats the kids is the kids, what is mom's seemingly become everyone's property or object of their lust .. from a new broom to pretend is a horse to a new pair of earring to play dress up with .. nothing is sacred!

Ami said...

How are you going to keep that one away from little kid? Forget viruses, I want to know if the keyboard is lk proof.