Monday, August 25, 2008

Link Stew

Sharpie'd Lamborghini
Dog rescues abandoned baby
Dachshund pushes wheelchair
Photographic height and weight chart
A really interesting and well done photo series idea
Statue of Liberty in 1883
Old School Japanese Prostitutes

I know link stew is not your favorite Closet meal, my babies, but it's all I've got for you tonight.

Well, there's more in my head. I need a live in transcriptionist. For when I'm too tired to blog. We'll put that on the "When Ashley's rich" list.

I promise you'll be rewarded for your patience. Sooner than you think.


Judy said...

Wow, I see little kid's future with a sharpie! The dog saving the baby, wow. The photo series with the souvenirs is really cool. Thanks for sharing these!

Melodie said...

The Lamborghini was cool, but the souvenier photos were awesome. What a neat concept.

Thanks for throwing us some scraps, but we really need a good meal soon.

Rebecca said...

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Life, Love And Lola said...

Those prostitutes sure got dolled up to do the deed!

breanna said...

let's be honest, i've been shyly blurking here for quite awhile now, feeling i never had anything fantastic to add. now that i've seen the comment about hating non-commenters? i'll work on it...

anyhow, i'm commenting now because i posted the slide show link on my blog, but i totally gave you credit. and i just don't want you to think i'm being sneaky. not sneaky, just share-y. get it?

also? love the blog. just to be clear.