Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ass Beating Alert

Remember that work I was supposed to do yesterday?

Well, I did a little of it.

Very little of it.

Now I still need to do it, and I have a migraine, and little kid just walked up to me with one of his feet completely coated in pudding, which he offered to me, I guess so that I could lick it off.

(I didn't.)

It's just not an environment that is conducive to working.


Life, Love And Lola said...

Are you sure it wasn't POOP?

Solei said...

so it obviously got all over the floor on his way over to you..... Shit!

I get the title... lol

Anonymous said...

SO on a day where little kid shoves a pudding foot in your face or pinches the muffin top, this is what I think: "...On days like this you just have to say to yourself, well, I'm totally screwed, and do whatever it takes to get through. Any coping mechanism that doesn't attract the attention of Child Protective Services is fair game. Relax your usual parenting standards, and remind yourself that not every day has to be intellectually enriching, or emotionally satisfying, or even nutritionally balanced. Some days are just about survival..." That is from a page I enjoy called

Anonymous said...

Migraines stink! I am so sorry and I so know how you feel...I hope that your children have pity on you and let you suffer in peace...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Life, Love and Lola... Was it chocolate??? If so, I think I'd worry... Either way, that's quite a mess to clean up.

Life, Love And Lola said...

I'm feeling neglected. Between the new eggs, lk pooping,and the bread making. How are you going to have time for us?

Maybe you should re-name "The Closet"

"Ashley's Chicken Farm, POOP Closet & Bakery"

Kinda catchy...I'd eat there.

See you manana for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, while I was working, my 3 year old found the scissors that my 13 year old left out and cut holes in the 11 month old's playpen. Every single side, about 20 holes. YEAY for today. YEAY for ass beatings, YEAY for early bedtime. I am done having kids! No more baby jail WWAAAAHHHHH

AFRo said...

My first thought is exactly what Lola said in the first comment. Only by the time I finished reading I was thinking, "Thank God for her that it wasn't poop."