Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

So I finished clothes school shopping for Big Kid.

I was so proud of myself, through an AWESOME sale at Children's Place and Old Navy, I bought him a ton of clothes for a little over $100...and then found out that his school switched to uniforms last year.

I'm just too smart for my own good.

Last night we went to another one of those summer lawn concerts with Girl Crush and family and that other cool girl I told you about recently, the one with the awesome community pool.

We had tons of fun. Our 6 kids are within the same age range and we all lounged on blankets and gossiped while drinking Screwdrivers, while the guys sat in chairs and talked and drank beer, and the kids ran around our blankets and chairs, spilling our drinks and practically beheading innocent (and semi-crabby) bystanders with their swinging glow sticks.

Seriously good times.

But we didn't get home until 11:00pm and I thought little kid was sufficiently worn out for some prime sleeping in time, but no, he woke up at 7am.

So here I am, 7:30am on a Sunday, watching Elmo's Wild, Wild, West for the tenth time this weekend (literally).

Good times, good times.


Unknown said...

Sleep in? What is that? I haven't sleep in since, let me think now, oh yes, it was before I had my son. So, I know I have at least another oh 8 or 9 years before I will sleep in again. Unless I go on vacation - uh, not that is not right because he will probably be with us. Oh well, that will be added to my wish list.

Last night sounds like it was fun.

Melodie said...

You would think that the school would have mentioned something like a uniform policy when you registered BK for kindergarten. I can't remember if my girls' elementary school told me about their uniform policy when I registered the oldest one or if I asked about it, but I know that I left the school with all of the information I needed about the policy. Something like that is important so that parents don't waste their money buying something they don't need.

Oh, and I'm glad you got a chance to have fun and relax at the concert. After Friday's anxiety and freak-out, you needed it.

Unknown said...

Well, I haven't registered him yet. He just had his ($400) physical and the school office reopens July 30th, so I guess they would've told me then...

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great evening...I wish we had people near us to do cool fun free summer events like that.
Anyway, last year, when dd was in a uniform school, all theparents and the school shoppped from the LL Bean catalog, and it was kinda $$ for me. I went to and they are sooo much cheaper. Great uniforms, they have sales all the time too, so don't get everything at once. Wait a few weeks and then the polos will go on sale, or the pants.

Nikki said...

I hear yah on the sleepin in part..3 boys don't even stop do they? I swear they run in their dreams too.

Its always nice to have hubbies get together too so you don't have to hear them whine about you drinkin and having fun with hottie women :D He can just watch !! HA!

Glad the kiddos had a grand time too.

Melly said...

Just found your blog and have spent the last 20 minutes giggling to myself. What a fun and informative read. Thanks for the smiles. I needed that today. Looking forward to reading more.

Julie H said...

We are on round 2 of Underdog. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

You certainly deserve some R&R after the OMFG incident! ;-)

Melodie said...

BTW, I got most of my girls' uniforms from Old Navy, at least as far as the bottoms went. French Toast is great for the shirts because they carry all of the uniform colors in so many different styles. And DON'T buy any long pants for BK until a little later in the season. I wasted so much money on pants that my girls outgrew before it got cold enough to wear them (you know, those two days a year that it actually gets cold down here). If you buy BK long pants now, he WILL grow 3-4 inches before winter gets here.